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The division tree peonies

Before digging stems peonies should be cut at a height of 10-15 cm from the ground.Digging the rhizome should be cautious: the roots of peonies are very fragile, in large specimens may leave 50-100 cm depth of soil.

first fork to dig in the bush at a distance of 20 cm from the stems.While maintaining the prongs on both sides, remove from the ground.

With roots gently shake off the ground.If it is badly lagging - substitute rootstock under running water and place a few hours in the shade for podvyali-tion.After that, the roots become less fragile and do not break when divided.

Inspect the rhizome and cut out all the rotten areas and small roots.

First you need to cut the rhizome into 2-3 pieces.

to correctly identify the place of dissection, felt bush and porasshatyvayte it, trying to find areas where the rootstock is easily bent, - on them and held the line incision.Cleave better wide chisel, shoving her with a hammer.After carefully dissecting try to untangle the roots of separated parts.

old (who are over 8 years), overgrown bushes divide is no longer recommended.The root system of these very massive and complicated, and the planting will be less quality because of the strong defeat the underground parts of the plant root rot.

received delenki check.Sick, twisted and cut the roots upward.It does not damage the kidneys resume!Shorten the remaining roots with a sharp knife to 10-20 cm at an angle of 45-60 degrees.Promote rapid healing roots are flat and smooth slices, on the spot where some time later formed a protective cloth.

obtained planting material is sanitized weak solution of potassium permanganate (soak for a few hours).The sections were then treated charcoal powder.To healed cuts on the roots plenochkoj preventing the penetration of infection, delenki placed for a day in the shade.

delenki better take root if dip them in a creamy mash clay with the addition of 0.5 kg of wood ash.For stimulation of root system and the protection against rot clay better stirring in water, wherein the pre-solution (10 liters of water) 2 tablets of IAA and 50 g of copper sulfate.

Then delenki lay in a warm, dry place to dry on the roots layer of clay.

delenki thus treated can be stored without drying up, for a long time.

care of young plantings in the first year must be careful, because they still have a weak root system.Young plants require regular watering, cultivation, removal of buds, weeding, fertilizing, preventive spraying against pests and diseases.

peonies can also be propagated by root cuttings - small pieces of rhizome (1-3 cm) with a small adventitious roots and 1st (at least - 2) the resumption of the kidney.Planted root cuttings in a pre-prepared ridge with light soil moisture capacity, and breathable.Care for young plants is the same as for younger delenki.Two years later, peonies can be planted to a permanent place.Flowering begins in the third year.

Standard delenki

Time to divide peonies
1 - rhizome;
2 - the cut;
3 - remnants of the stems;
4 - kidney renewal;
5- adventitious roots.

Standard delenki observed proportion between the number of kidneys and the volume and number of adventitious roots.Each of delenok should be 3-5 buds resume, 1 -2 stem and a few adventitious roots about 20 cm long. In case of incorrect determination of the lines dissecting delenki can get a lot of the kidneys and the insufficient number and volume of roots, and vice versa.

Prepared by Tamara Zinoviev, Nizhny Novgorod.
Fig.Darya Rastorgueva, Minsk.

Magazine "Flower» № 15, 2007

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