What is a woman's PMS?

- mood swings (from severe to profound irritability, depression);
- constant feeling of hunger;
- the desire to drink;
- headaches and abdominal pain;
- nausea;
- acne;
- swelling and increased sensitivity of mammary glands;
- frequent chills;
- sometimes increased body temperature, pain may occur in the heart, back, joints;
- anxiety attacks;
- problems with urination;
- insomnia;

Because of the huge number of symptoms scientists is certainly not established the causes of women's PMS, but it is believed that this is due to the increase of hormones in the body.In this regard, there are several ways that can help women cope with PMS.

1. Birth control pills.They already contain the female hormones, so the body stops its own production.And since no hormones - no PMS.However, care should be taken to use the pills from their constant use of hormonal balance is disturbed.

2. Proper nutrition.It was from him depends largely on female hormones.Here are some tips that will help you to reduce PMS:
- Include in your diet nuts, seeds and fatty marine fish varieties, the substances contained in these foods will help the body to maintain hormonal balance;
- minimize the use of salt;
- try to give up alcohol and caffeine, as it provokes irritability, and depression;

3. Sports.When PMS do not forget to exercise, it will help alleviate your condition, as it increases the blood levels of the hormones of happiness - endorphins.So enjoy a fitness center, swimming in the winter enjoy skiing, ice skating - will definitely help!

If you follow these tips then you, if not to get rid of something very unpleasant and reduce pain during PMS female.Do not be nervous - the most important rule in those days!Limit the amount of stress in your life, and everything will be fine!

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