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Prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids, drugs

What Are Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - this is a common varicose veins, but not on the legs and on the veins of the rectum.Identify it very simple.The first symptoms manifest themselves very clearly.You may feel itching, pain during bowel movements and after a little bleeding.Hemorrhoids develops gradually distinguish 4 stages.The first three stages are treated without surgery by alternative means, the last step requires emergency surgery.

reasons for the emergence of hemorrhoids

Before starting the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is important to establish the cause.The most common cause of the disease - a sedentary lifestyle.Moreover, hemorrhoids considered an occupational disease of drivers who spend most of their day on the road.Sometimes hemorrhoids can occur due to excessive load, for example, weight lifting or resistance training.Another cause of hemorrhoids - problems in the intestine, chronic constipation.

Hemorrhoid treatment

treat hemorrhoids, as well as many other diseases, it is easies
t when the first symptoms.All that is required at this stage - to remove the tumor and eliminate unpleasant symptoms.It is important not to self-medicate, and seek medical attention, as it is necessary not only to eliminate the pain, but also to restore blood flow in the vessels.The most popular treatment at this stage considered candles and ointments.Usually this is enough, if you follow all the doctor's recommendations.

If the initial stage of hemorrhoids is missing, it becomes a more serious form - the first stage.For the treatment of this stage some candles may not be enough, so doctors often prescribe treatment with infrared radiation.This process literally burns the inflamed area, after which the hemorrhoid withers away.

In the second stage of the disease hemorrhoids are more evident and deliver greater inconvenience.The most popular treatment of hemorrhoids 2 stage - a special tug units latex rings.They block the blood supply to the units then they die.The method is quite radical, but effective.An alternative to this method - injections, which cause the death of the nodes.

third stage of hemorrhoids accompanied by severe pain, which can occur not only during defecation, but also when walking and sitting.Hemorrhoids treated at this stage in various ways, for example by cryotherapy.Cryotherapy - the removal of the node by means of liquid nitrogen.But this procedure is not always effective.Electrocoagulation - a more efficient method in which a node affected by electricity, causing its withering away.It's pretty painful method, therefore, it requires a lot of patience, or pain relief.

fourth stage is different from previous ones in that hemorrhoids do not reduce a mechanically and make normal life impossible.No other treatment except no longer help prompt.During the operation, removed not only hemorrhoid, but also part of the rectal mucosa.This helps to destroy internal components, if any.

treatment of hemorrhoids can be very troublesome.This disease requires constant monitoring by a specialist, in order that in case of recurrence of the disease does not develop.Only a comprehensive approach and careful follow the doctor's recommendations will help to get rid of the disease and bring it to a critical stage.

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