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How to plant lawn grass

How to plant lawn grass What is lawn?It is always grass growing up is not, and in breadth by means of lateral offshoots.Which quickly ukore¬nyayutsya and begin to actively grow.So over the summer just one tiny bush may hide a quarter of a square meter.And even when the grass has dried up, it may appear to the back leaf.In this case, you can take a tuft of grass, chopped 2 - 3 cm, to sow, sprinkle with humus or peat, and water.A month later, you will have a new green carpet.And so it turns soft mulch mat called a lawn.

Getting Started

with a choice of the type of grass for lawns.And since a lot of them, it is easier to get lost.Here are a few types with their advantages and disadvantages.
How to plant lawn grass Minty meadow brings great drought, extreme cold, and trampling (especially after the age of three).It forms a dense turf and quickly vos¬stanavlivaetsya after skashiva¬niya.If you put it on plodo¬rodnyh soils in finding groundwater at a depth of 0.5 - 1 meter, it will grow about 10 years - 15. However, it is often hit zabo¬levaniya milde
w and rzhav¬china.
For sandy dry places with poor soil perfectly podoy¬det sheep fescue.However, it will have to sow mixed with red fescue.And when feeding vovre¬mya introduced it will give a beautiful herbage, it will be easy to carry and mowing vytap¬tyvanie.It can grow in po¬luteni particularly well - under the pines.
But fescue is well suited for wet and moderately moist soils.But this herb a lot of disadvantages.It reaches full development in the 2 - 3rd year after planting, lives only 4 - 6 years, does not tolerate trampling can not grow on poor soils and su¬hih.Therefore obych¬no use it in a mixture of lawn grass seeds with a deficit of meadow grass and red fescue.
How to plant lawn grass A perennial herb prefers heavy, fertile soils, vy¬nosit partial shade, trampling.By¬stro and evenly growing, already che¬rez 1 - 1.5 months after sowing formed thick beautiful travo¬stoy.And most importantly, it keeps a bright color to the autumn.Edinstven¬ny drawback, it is highly ustupa¬et in the strength of the rest of the turf grasses ga¬zonnym.And not only "live" for about 5 years.
most environmentally friendly and often is¬polzuemoy grass lawn yav¬lyaetsya bentgrass.Due to its unpretentiousness and zhiznesposobno¬sti can grow almost lyu¬byh conditions.Yet predpochi¬taet loamy and sandy po¬chvy with abundant watering, otherwise mo¬zhet burn out and lose all deko¬rativny views.But with proper care it will take, even under the snow in the form of ze¬lenom.But in the spring rises later than other types.After mowing slowly grows.
How to plant lawn grass Grebennik ordinary horo¬sho suitable for moist soils, but can carry and sow short-hu.A feature of this grass lawn is that it is green osta¬etsya all fall, early winter, and spring quickly gaining ran¬ney color and growth.The grass is resistant to flooding, frost, trampling and low mowing (up to 4 cm.).
next, equally important, stage - the selection of seeds.Most vse¬go they come across with a dash se¬myan weeds.Therefore it is better if vyb¬rat cheap, then proverenno¬go quality, and if new, better to buy expensive.They will complete germination, with an excellent selection of herbs.

How to plant a lawn?

How to plant lawn grass Planting lawns can be from spring to September, as long as the shoots matured before the frost.At full abundance of heat and moisture they germinate 3 - 4 days after inoculation.On the comfort CE mjy says so¬hranyat and their ability to "livelihoods" dol¬goe time lose it 2 - 3% per year.Only when stored in a cool dry place.In general, choosing herbs for ga¬zona, be sure to pay attention to their properties: sod for the garden and shady areas suitable moisture-loving and tenevynos¬livye and drought-resistant and sve¬tolyubivye suitable for open areas.Not taking into account this, it can not grow or add considerably hassle to maintain.

Rules lawn care

deciding to dissolve the lawn on the site, prepare for the fact that the first year will be the most difficult.At this time, for them nuzh¬no most carefully looked after.We'll have to take care not to trample not be¬gali dog in winter snowy hills were built and, in general, otnosi¬lis possible care.The same attitude should be to him in the wet and cold days.And combine, of course, these rules with care:
  1. How to plant lawn grass Every spring and autumn obyaza¬telno need to clean ventilation and lawn align its borders and improve topsoil.With these protse¬duram has good water and voz¬duhopronitsaemost turf, power roots, and reduces the appearance of fungal infections.Usually begins with a stiff mehani¬cheskoy cleaning and removing debris.Very often it is done in the fall when the leaves are falling.Then, proc-lyvayut topsoil to a depth of 10 - 15 cm. This is pro¬tsess ventilation.He obespechiva¬et besprepyat¬stvenny airflow, moisture and fertilizer to kor¬nyam.Improve the topsoil can be using a mixture of sand rav¬nomernogo distribution with a light garden soil or lis¬tovym peregno¬em in the proportions 2: 1 across lu¬zhayke.It uluch¬shit food roots and ispra¬vit irregularities on the surface of the lawn.And sa¬mom end obya¬zatelno vyrov¬nyayte border lawn that will give it za¬konchenny, neat appearance.For eto¬go need sharp spade correct line update grooves odelyayu¬schie turf from other areas of the site.
  2. How to plant lawn grass mowing the lawn - it is a good uho¬da obyaza¬telnoe condition.After all, the grass begins to grow at + 5 ° C.Throughout the season in¬tensivnost menyaet¬sya this process depending on the weather uslo¬vy (in dry and hot growth zamed¬lyaetsya), and stops with priho¬dom cold.When the first spring mowing the lawn is mowed only po¬verhu, and only when it is actively poy¬det in growth, it can be cut to length resolvable.By the way, for each variety of grass is their own.And this is very important, otherwise you expose the roots, the soil retain moisture and, in general, to weaken the grass cover.In sol¬nechnoe hot summer "light" strizh¬ki produce better every 2 - 3 weeks without removing the remains from the lawn mowed grass.Since they are a good defense against sunburn, water storage and udob¬reniem.Produce haircut gazo¬na only in dry weather.
  3. Should I water the lawn, even in the dry hot weather, resha¬et every man.Because on the one-hand, this herb quickly vosstanav¬livaetsya.And even if it is already dry and us¬pela grow brown, just a few rainy days fully regain color and "life."On the other hand, if a new lawn, water it often nuzh¬no.And you need ko¬lichestvo water is 13 mm at a time.
  4. Like any other raste¬niyu, lawn podkor¬mki required.They contribute ukreple¬niyu grass and help "zaglu¬shit" weeds.Ideally, for a season, there should be three.They are made carefully, in accordance with the manufacturer's reko¬mendatsiyami.Only in this case it will not harm the environment and to ok¬ruzhayuschey lawn.But even more important to remember that making the spring and summer autumn udob¬renie impossible.Typically, it contains a lot of nitrogen, and it usually causes rapid growth of green mass that gubitel¬no for plants with the onset of cold weather.Autumn fertilizer bla¬godarya fosfo¬ra their content of potassium and serve to strengthen the root of the plants and pomo¬gayut them survive the winter.
  5. How to plant lawn grass We can not forget about weeds.They can ruin even the most good lawn.Large weeds: dandelion, plantain, daisy - can grow into the whole colony, and if time does not start to destroy them, may za¬polonit entire lawn.To deal with them easily.Since they are quite large and visible in the grass, their mozh¬no uproot manually pomo¬schyu shovels, scoops, or, in extreme cases, replace the grass.It is more difficult to bring a small clover, oxalis - it pri¬detsya used lawn gerbi¬tsidy that kill only weeds without messing with the grass.Raw and shady lawn can be covered with moss.It can also withdraw with herbicides.The only and very important "but": all these chemical prepara¬ty dangerous.They must be used very rarely and in minor amounts.But if the lawn they still obrabo¬tali before the first rain on it is impossible to walk barefoot, sit, and even more so, to let the children play.
all the rules will help to create, if not ideal, then close to the turf with a smooth surface, sharp edges, weed, pest and fungal infections, and now everyone will ask you, how to plant a lawn right on your site.

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