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Where to buy seeds tabernaemontana sanango?

Dignity tabernaemontana - flowering

Apical inflorescence of white flowers appear with short breaks throughout the year, but the most active and lush flowering in the spring and summer.Flower buds are laid on top of the shoot, at the same time awake two lateral bud growth.At the time of flowering of them grows a pair of leaves are small, not interfering admire flowers.But at the end of flowering begins active growth of the shoots.And after two or four interstices again flower buds and forked branches.

tabernaemontana The inflorescence can be from 3 to 15 buds, drop gradually.The flowers are medium-sized (3-5 cm), semi-double, with sparkling soft, pleated at the edge of the petals.Aroma tabernaemontana sanango refined and subtle, the most powerful at the newly open flowers.Over time, the lowermost part of the branches become bare becomes more noticeable clear division forked branches.However, if the yellow and fall leaves too much (still six to eight only on the tips of shoots), then it's time to t

ransplant the plant, and he really did not have enough water.

need bright but diffused light

Externally reminding gardenia, tabernaemontana sanango not bother their owners the hassle and endless whims.But when tabernemontane passes for 10 years, it requires quite spacious and dignified beauty of its location.The diameter of the crown, if not virtually cut off, at this age can be more than a meter.Squeezing so much beauty in the cluttered room furniture, worthless, and therefore have to resort to cutting.

The best place for growing tabernaemontana sanango - east or west window.That is, it takes quite a bright but diffused light.In the penumbra growth rate is slowing down, the buds develop less.But a significant negative effect on the plant less light intensity is not provided.Since tabernaemontana sanango completely indifferent to day length.

+12 degrees is not scary!

This plant grows well at 18 - 25 degrees.However, it can tolerate lower temperature to 12 degrees or less.At low temperature increases the life of the flowers that fall in warm conditions on the third or fourth day with no signs of fading.

frequency and intensity of watering pot plants are highly dependent on the degree of development of the root system.If the plant has recently received more spacious pot, watering should be three or four days, in moderation, as the drying of the upper layer.When a large mass of roots, fully mastered the earthen room, tabernaemontana sanango require frequent watering so that you can guess the need to transplant.The frequency of watering is influenced by other causes: temperature, humidity.If there are signs of growth and appearance of buds trees fed the respective fertilizers - for growth and flowering.

Features transplant

It must be remembered that tabernaemontana sanango quickly grow roots and it will sooner or later need a transplant.The best pots - those from which earthen room convenient to remove.Unacceptable pots, bowls, pots wrapped into the tapering edges or in the middle.Roots have tabernaemontana sanango very fragile.If careless you can transplant them not just hurt and lose most.Do not strongly pull the trunk, pulling out a plant from its old pot, repot a large plant with a very wet, which means a heavy lumpy.The substrate is composed of garden, coniferous and leaf soil, peat, sand, vermiculite.The reaction mixture - slightly acid or acidic.Transplant young plants need a year, but transfers between one or two times may be required in the handling of the pot a little more.Older specimens can be repotted every two years.

tabernaemontana sanango forms itself independently

After flowering in the wake of each twig two kidneys, and even illuminated Kroon develops clearly and accurately.Pruning is needed only in instances that were grown crowded, and at the stage of propagation were frail and lopsided.In strong plants take cuttings to multiply sorry, all the symmetry is broken, or have cut all the tops.Only in old specimens can already be found the "extra" branches, directed inside the crown, and put them away.

tabernemontanu sanango Propagated by seeds and cuttings can be.Cuttings should be cut with a healthy plant, and preferably with the top portion (which the majority of the owners of the hand does not rise).Then cut kornevinom process and put the cutting in water, add two or three drops fitosporin.Bowl with handle placed in a plastic bag and place, such as on a kitchen shelf or locker in the bright, but not sunny place with temperatures above 20 degrees.Upon reaching the size of 2.5-3 cm roots planted in a pot with a diameter of 8-10 cm of loose soil.You can take root in vermiculite, sand in teplichke under the lamp.Sometimes the roots are well formed at flowering branches set in a bouquet in ordinary water.

have hozhennaya tabernaemontana sanango rarely sick

most frequent disease - chlorosis.Avoid it can, acidifying substrate, making preparations of iron minerals.Of the pests most common spider mite and Jose scale.Sometimes on the underside of the leaves appear tiny white, then yellowing and drying soil balls.This allocation leaves glands and pest nothing they have not.In areas with high temperatures and low humidity can be observed "bonding" and the subsequent subsidence has not bloomed buds.

Although few memorable name, tabernaemontana sanango is one of the most coveted indoor plants.Buying seeds tabernaemontana sanango or cuttings, you will fill your home an amazing flavor.And its lush green leaves are the adornment of the house at any time of the year.

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