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As house plants affect our lives?

Some plants we like, others - no.But do you know how houseplants affect our lives?Indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide, oxygen and saturated home collecting dust, moisten the air and flavored.A good example is the lemon tree.Importantly do not forget to periodically wipe the leaves of flowers, while the indoor air will be cleaner by 40%.But this is not all the beneficial properties they possess.

If you are unable to communicate with nature - houseplants will be for you a pleasant alternative.As is known, the selection is carried out with all the colors of volatile production.Volatile - biologically active substances released by plants, which prevent the growth and development of bacteria, protozoa and fungi, or even kill them.Moreover, the effect of the plant is faster than from germicidal lamps.But choosing houseplants need to mind, because each has an individual character and has its own bio-energy field that directly affects the person.You should also distinguish between the plants that are more suit

able for the home, and that - for the office.Large flowers best to keep in the office, though they give a lot of energy, but at the same time and a lot of it is taken, which may adversely affect the host.A collection of negative energy at work will only benefit.An example is the Munster, which also establish order and justice, where everything has been turned upside down.

It has long been believed that some plants are able to, for example, to strengthen peace in the family or bring good luck in business and become rich.Family happiness can give the newlyweds azalea, which also helps achieve their goals, to prevent the occurrence of nervousness and uncertainty, protects against liars and gossipers.Cacti protect "the evil eye" and are able to absorb the computer radiation.Chlorophytum, rosemary and myrtle will help make the air healthier.Geranium will help to cope with headache, relieve fatigue and cause your sleep to normal due to the presence in the leaves of the strong essential oils.The symbol of love, affection and romance is violet.Money tree or Crassula, brings a wealth of like a lemon.To overcome complexes, isolation and conflict resolution in the family is the ideal plant as cyclamen.Fern other better way to balance the internal energy of a man with energy flows outside world that will create in the human soul a complete sense of harmony and peace.If you are in a state of prostration, your lifeguard will kalanchoe, which will help to gain confidence in the future.Impatiens will bring a sense of harmony, joy and unity with the cosmos, will reveal creative inclinations and show the best qualities of a person.As a physician performs the well-known plant called "Aloe", which is also a donor - it gives us its energy to maintain immunity.To evil and aggressive energy in your home is processed into light and joy, obzavedites Cullen.The Royal Begonia will give you a defender of foreign negative energy trapped in your home with another person.She, like calla, revise it in calming and healing.Insecure people suffer from the advent of energy holes, which are drawn from them useful energy.To protect themselves from it, become more confident and help tune luck asparagus ivy and asparagus.If

choose potted plants in accordance with the features of his character, they will help unlock the creative potential to be a positive influence on the physical, psychological and energetic state of the body as a whole.His energy houseplants neutralize radiation household appliances, and the harmful effects of synthetic materials.And also give a special comfort and coziness to your rooms.Sheet - basic protection and cleansing the body of a flower.All other parts, each of which plays a specific role, engaged in the transformation of energy - prevent the penetration of negative energy and attract beneficial and useful for all members of the family energy.

Moving vital energy is not enough depends on where and how the plants are located in your home.The line between the door and the window or door between the two creates the "energy draft", which adversely affects the flowers, so do not be put to the plant, it will die.But this draft can be prevented by putting in its place the furniture, partition or hanging curtains.Do not put small and delicate plants next to the large and powerful.Flowers with sharp or serrated leaves is not recommended to put near the recreation area or bedroom area, they will disturb its aggressive energy.

in how houseplant affects our lives is an important factor in his painting, for example, vegetation orange positive effect on the development of romantic relationships, as embodies eroticism and sensuality.Red symbolizes aggression and dynamics, thereby creating a strong sexual energy, which will make innovation in the monotonous sex life.Awakening the senses and strengthening emotional activity - the ability to pink.White flowers helps with meditation and conducive to spiritual development.Plant house plants yellow is better not worth it, because this color is the symbol of envy, jealousy and hatred.But for the development of creative abilities and intelligence suit blue plants.

Everyone has long known that plants are able to feel your emotions and respond to them accordingly.So try to talk to them on the nice threads to share the good news and happy emotions.Pay particular attention to the health of your green friend, because patients rotting, affected by pests or even dying flowers will adversely affect the situation of the room.So try to remove wilted leaves and flowers immediately.If you find that your plant is very sick, better give it to someone else, perhaps, in the new environment, it will bloom with new life.