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How to choose curtains and drapes

Curtain story

Even in ancient times the nomads halt hides the entrances to their tents, and the wise Greeks used fabric drapes to decorate the house.But the curtains in the usual sense of the word appeared in the Middle Ages and have gained widespread popularity during the Renaissance: they were made of very fine fabrics - silk, velvet, muslin - and decorate all kinds of patterns.In the Baroque period (the end of XVI - middle of the XVIII century.) Stylish personality began to pay special attention to an intelligent combination of shade curtains and upholstery, and in times of classicism, in the XVIII century, there was even more rigid rule from now on they should not just blend in colorand they need to be made of the same material.Now, fortunately, such strict laws in the interior design does not exist, so there is no need to restrict the creative imagination.Yet it is worth remembering some tips that will help you in choosing curtains.

material for reflection

To get started is to decide what

style of curtains and drapes prefer.It should be the easier, the denser and more solid tissue.And if a major figure on it, it is better to do without any frills: empty window frames prisborennoe slightly or not at all smooth cloth.But if materialchik simple and easy, the curtains from it can be made more complicated - with scallops, for example (so-called figured processing or bottom edge of the curtains in the form of round or notches).If you dream of a beautiful especially drapery, remember that a piece of cloth to be that way once in two or three more than the width of the window.In addition, if you liked the rag has a repeating pattern, be sure to "gather" the fabric and see it really well, he looks in the folds.

Multicolored secrets

using certain colors can change the overall look of the room.Correctly choosing the color of curtains and drapes, you Transform your room.Yellow, red, orange, make it warm and cozy, even if the sun to you seldom look in the window.Beige, white, green (in general, neutral colors) give it lightness.Cool shades of blue, blue, purple, gray, calm nerves, and also visually increase the distance.So they are good for small spaces that want to do more.Just remember that the curtains do not need to "blend in" with the wallpaper is better to make them lighter or darker, not to get too monotonous design.

close-knit ranks

to hang curtains, the cornice is needed.The easiest - from wires attached to the ceiling, - looks not very aesthetically pleasing, and hooks for his bad slide.It is better to get a decorative cornice, which is attached to the wall.It may be several rows-off.If you have to box - only Tulle (fine mesh fabric) or curtains of dense matter, whereas only one series.If both - need two, and if more and pelmet - three.Additional transparent or lace curtains come in handy especially for those who live on the first and second floor, or if the windows of some not particularly pleasant landscape with factory chimneys - in general, even if necessary, clear day to dissociate itself from the outside world.A pelmet - a horizontal strip of matter - will cover the top edge of the curtain, if it does not look especially beautiful when attaching to the eaves (although this decorative detail looks good only on high windows).

Blind, hold on!

mounting options are a variety is not just a hook.On the linen curtains in the style of "country" will look good loop of fabric.And to this masterpiece of design it has been convenient to remove for washing and hang back, you can make such a loop on the buttons.Grommets - metal or plastic ring sewn into the fabric - especially impressive look, if it is thick, synthetic.And, you can along the upper edge of the curtain (receded by about 7 cm) scribbling narrow "kuliske", which will be inserted rod cornice.If there is also thread the gum tissue that is gathered, lush draperies provided, but do not forget that the material on the numerous folds need a lot.

magical transformation

If you want a wonderful way to "increase" the window opening, you need to choose a cornice slightly longer than the (at least 20 cm on each side).It is very important to choose the right - curtains and drapes, "worthless" to hang on with anything.Curtains should start from the edge when they draw back, the room will receive more light.If the window is positioned low and the ceiling height is low, the eaves is better to raise as much as possible, and all types of fastening eyelets or select "kuliske": on them formed wavy "scallops" that visually lift the curtain.The distance from the floor is also important: cafe curtains (light along the length of the window) and the breeze Breeze (poluzanaveski starting at a height of 70-80 centimeters from the window sill) visually shorten the window.Instead, they preferred, if a family has pets, configured to test material for its beautiful teeth and claws, as well as the curious little kids who can get lost in the fabric.As for the possibility to "expand" space by pattern or style of curtains, there is no consensus exists.Some designers believe that in small rooms to avoid drapery, horizontal and vertical lines.Others are convinced that the beautiful folds and a major figure distract attention away from the size of the room.So you can experiment and make your own conclusion.In the end, you further enjoy the fact that you yourself created out of his room.So gather with the spirit - and forward to the changes!