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It is easy to change the design of the apartment

go from furniture to drapery.Change the curtains, blankets, tablecloths - not bring a lot of costs.Just to survive them all in one style, one color.Even sewn on old curtains and blankets decorations made with his own hands (a pattern of lace, beads, but whatever) significantly change the whole atmosphere of the room.Donated or purchased plaid did not come to the interior, and is in the closet?This is not a reason for frustration and a good incentive for him to change the situation!

Another terrific way to change the design of the apartment - houseplants.But do not get carried away, "grandmother of aloe."Currently in stores a huge selection of flowers and trees, designer pots, even lawns room.The trees do not require abundant lighting, decorate the wall away from windows.The main thing - do not overdo it, that the apartment did not turn into landscaping infield.

Regardless of the size of your apartment, set of 3 of the light source in each room.It will be best if the standard light - on the ceiling, add

2 wall lamp or table lamp.Then you get a glowing room.

There is a more radical methods, but it will require a bit of skill and a great desire for change.In order not to change the wallpaper, they can be painted with paint on wallpaper, which now offer an assortment of specialty shops.Paint the walls completely, partially, just spray paint light haze or create drawings - it depends on your imagination, economy and readiness to create.

Give apartment personality!All the more urgent it becomes dizaynerstve antiques.This does not mean that you should splurge on subjects of Louis the Fourteenth.It is enough to dig out old things, put them in order and revive the design ideas.And no one will accuse you of lack of taste, becausethese things are part of your past, but do not claim to antique masterpieces.

Do not forget about the door!Door, particularly input, symbolizes the beginning, it kind of depends on what will be the first impression of the apartment.This may be a game with color, decor, whole handmade!All the apartment door can be decorated in the same mind, and may reflect the style of each room.There are glass inserts?Just lucky!Decor with stained-glass windows (as some where on the glass windows), not only will add a colorful mood, but also talk about your good taste.A material for the creation of stained glass can be purchased even in the stationery department.

put in order the old furniture will also be cheaper and faster than buying a new one.The simplest option - pasting adhesive paper.Home is very responsible approach to the choice of colors "self-adhesive" and accuracy of performance.Then the furniture will look quite decent.Another option - painting.Seller will help you to choose the type of paint to the wood of your furniture.

It is easy to change the design of the apartment?One important tip: attract to the project design housing children!Do not got their own - invite your friends to become children.First, the mind creates a unique children's fantasy, is not available to an adult.In - the second, the decor in the children's performance will make your accommodation stylish, original, will always contribute to the good mood.

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