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Apartment design: Chinese style

One of the leading principles in the organization of space is to focus on the teachings of Feng Shui.Regardless of the attitude to this doctrine in creating the interior in the Chinese style is worth paying attention to it.From the standpoint of Feng Shui space should be primarily harmonious without sharp lines and sharp angles.Undoubtedly, these principles of organization of the space can not be interested Europeans - in fact in the interior to be very comfortable.All elements - decor and furniture - must necessarily be combined with each other, one member should be independent from each other and out of it.

Another important principle - is simplicity.The main materials for decoration are bamboo and upholstery fabrics, mostly silk.For the walls, you can select the wallpaper based on silk or paper version - and then, and more widely used in the eastern interior.Lead color - red, the symbol of fire.But it's best to choose muted, more harmonious tone.Also suitable magenta.Wallpaper does not have to be se

lf-colored and decorated with golden ornaments.Most often depict dragons, pine trees and mountains.Be sure to be present in the interior and blue - the color of the sky and the symbol of nobility.Green - a symbol of growth and regeneration of - usually present in the form of plants.

When choosing furniture worth staying on simple geometric shapes, made from bamboo.Also suitable furniture made of solid woods, often dark or - if possible - made furniture in lacquer technique.However, any, even the simplest form of furniture have to be decorated - on the top layer of varnish applied traditional Chinese gold color patterns or carvings.

The Chinese interior often prevails minimalism - quite a bit of furniture.In addition to the bed and cabinets it may be a little inlaid tables, decorated with mother of pearl, ivory or colored wood.They are well suited stools, inserted one into the other.Despite the austerity in the choice of furniture, the space actively used.In the room there are often a variety of niches, arches, stands, filled with typical trinkets.Interior decoration of the vase are in traditional Chinese style, fans, paper parasols, small figures of soldiers.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui in the interior must be connected to the five elements: fire, earth, water, wood and metal.To bring each of these elements in the interior are added special elements.Candles and silk symbolize fire.Ceramic products are ground.Water may be present in the form of an aquarium or a mini-waterfall and it is a symbol of the glass, which explains the active use of stained glass windows in the Chinese interior.The tree is advantageously used in furniture.A metal - in finishing and accessories.

Any Chinese interior is unthinkable without plants.It can be in wooden tubs bonsai, bamboo in glass containers, bouquets of chrysanthemums and peonies.In addition glass vases porcelain widely used in the traditional style.

Another important element of the interior - paper screens that help divide the space into zones, and serve as an independent element of decor.Such screens themselves - decoration, as they often differ in spectacular silk embroidery or interesting pattern.

interior help complete the traditional stuff in oriental style - calligraphic image of characters in a bamboo frame, the wind singing, floor vases, decorative hangings, figurines made of jade depicting dragons.All this will create in your apartment an original interior and turn it into a small corner of China.Now that you know all about the design of the apartments, the Chinese style will help you transform your cozy corner.

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