Horoscope for Capricorn in the year of the tiger

Love and Sex for ibex

From 21 to 30 May.Now is the opportune time for declarations of love and setting points of contact with your chosen one.Are you ready to work hard to ensure the relationship has become a truly harmonious and is fun for both of you.May 21-24, possible disputes on the basis of differences in ideology and moral values, but you will be able to reach agreement.May 30-31 are favorable for visits.From 1 to 10 June.The first days of June will take place peacefully, except for the third, when you should avoid talking about money with your loved one.June 4-8, will be held smoothly.On 9 and 10 June arrange intimate date at which let you swallow a holiday of love and romance.From 11 to 21 June.June 13 between you may have disagreements again, the reason there will be questions concerning home and work - how much energy and what to spend.But the next day you will come to an agreement, and June 15-16 - friendly intimacy - you can finally reconcile.June 19 your inner contradictions may affect

the communication with the partner, try to contain their emotions.

romantic date for the ibex.This month, the meeting should be bright and memorable.My approach to revelry place where bored.Holiday, even theater environment should manifest itself in everything - clothing, hair, entertainment.

Family for ibex

until June 7 chores especially will not take you unless you finally come to an agreement with relatives or neighbors for a long time your concerns.But from June 7 to begin a long period of trouble at home that will arise in unexpected ways.Contact with children you have installed, but still have to put a lot of work to bring up their children in a dignified manner.The best day for a confidential conversation with the children - June 9th.The marital relationship you want to make a new shade.

Holidays for ibex

you ever want to run away from home to some interesting place, not necessarily very far.More walk in beautiful places, enjoying nature.After June 7 desire for change will encourage you to move.Pre-visit the city that you like, and have a good think.

Place of power for ibex.It's time to leave the city and move to a country cottage or country house, where you can relax and recover fully.It is desirable that the house was solid, built from whole logs.

Work and Money for ibex

In the horoscope for Capricorn in the year of the tiger is said that this is the last month in which the representatives of the sign will still feel the effects of different financial turmoil, but already in July everything will start to improve.Not bad for a days pokupok- 1 and 2 June, but June 3, avoid impulsive, reckless spending.Be careful and do not risk the finances in May - early June, refrain from borrowing money and do not lend.Work in this month will be a lot, but you deal with it successfully.An important day - June 12 at work are likely interesting and momentous event to you.The difficulties in professional development temporarily retreated, but this is only a respite, during which you need to more thoroughly prepare for the serious challenges.

Buy month for ibex.Comfortable, practical model radiotelephone for your home.

your chosen Capricorn

Love for Capricorn.Feelings for your favorite mean, first of all, stability, reliability and loyalty.He is now revising its attitudes towards you, and it gives him a hard time.In May - early June may be a misunderstanding, but later it clears, and there will be full confidence.

Tone for the ibex.In general, the state of your beloved is not serious.Keep a light diet, trying not to overeat at night.Include in the diet of more vegetables and greens.Regular moderate exercise will keep his state of health is normal.Start it desirable 23-24 May.

Finance for ibex.This is the last month of the financial difficulties.You need to be especially vigilant on June 3 do not lend money on that day.This month, it is not worth risking large sums.If you see an opportunity to invest in real estate - transfer deal for the next month.

Work for the ibex.The work will be a lot, but Capricorn will cope with it thanks to their organization, discipline and efficiency.Until June 10, the work will be more creative, and from June 11, will have to come to grips chore, but it will provide the foundation for further progress.

Friends for ibex.Many friends have a major impact on his personal and spiritual development, broaden their horizons and forming the view that it is very important to him.Good day to chat with friends - 25 and 26 May, and the 27th best not to collect a large company.

Leisure ibex.Guests can also relax in the village or at the cottage with a sauna, barbecue and homemade wine.