Money horoscope for 2010 for all characters


The money most of the signs of Aries relates lightly, considering them only a means of achieving their goals.Due to their activity, they are able to earn good money, but do not tend to accumulate money.Their capital is always in active circulation.

Occupy Aries, if an urgent need to "seize up tomorrow."

He was happy to lend unless you surpass a similar request.Aries is easy to take and give in debt, often immediately forgets about it.So that the calculations will have to yourself.


born under this sign they know the value of money, thanks to the money for 2010 horoscopes for all signs.They foresight and careful, able to save the best.The ratio of their capital, never earn as much as you need.

Only when the money is not enough for some serious, or vital business (food, medical treatment, study), may ask for a loan.This large property owners and miners, which in principle are not configured to philanthropy.But when it comes to things that are not joking, ready to silently count th

e required amount.


Welfare for the Twins, of course, is not the most important thing in life.Being quite rational, they are able to score money, but do not have the cult.They are generous with friends, but prefer to always have a stash.

Careless Gemini readily reveal the wallet to numerous friends.But if you decide to arrange financial matters, they can attribute to you and someone else's debt.Taking him into debt, mark as occupied.


under this sign are often born wealthy people.Cancer secretive and cautious.Regardless of earning spending money with great reluctance, but not without compassion, and able to act as a sponsor.He is willing to help native people and best friends.Not so close and casual acquaintances prefer to say that he broke.But any cancer will fill your position, if it touches the soul of adversity.


Good material support for Lion is the basis of life.Nevertheless, it refers to money carelessly.He likes to play the role of a wealthy person, inclined to overspend just in order to impress.

For a large sum for a major purchase or long-term loans go to Leo.This is the most generous lender.He did not miss a chance to show off the rich man and give the latter more than recognize that now pressed for money.

Virgo People born under this sign are born economists, accountants and financiers.They know how to save when you need it;for easy money do not seek;They know better than anyone how much money they need.

Virgin did not approve of frivolous spending.What they can donate any amount, even to doubt the correctness of his action, it's for charity.


sign Libra will not toil in order to make a fortune.They work in teams, where advice and help settle problems with partners, employees and subordinates.But their incomes tend to depend on the success of their company.Usually this generous people, sometimes very frivolous in financial affairs.

They are happy to help everyone, but first have to listen to all their problems: complaints that polzarplaty left on the market, and the second had to buy, on the occasion, dress for the new season.Therefore, we can expect only a modest amount.


It born businessmen and bankers.Their money is always work and generate income.Capital is used efficiently, mainly to expand its capabilities and to achieve power.

Scorpio will not refuse, no matter what the amount, you do not need.And if you do not return the money on time, will not pester you with reminders.There is only one thing - he will start asking you about all sorts of favors in the hope that you will not refuse benefactor.


refers to money as a pronounced idealist, either loves them immensely, and is of the opinion that they - the universal evil.At the same time, Sagittarians are not indifferent to material possessions.

lucky in business and in the moment of success generous.

sign Sagittarius does not like to save, so your request to meet in peace.Do not hesitate to name the figure - just enough to get.


Capricorn achieves financial success slowly.For them material prosperity - just a means to achieve social status.It's very cheap people who for personal needs and entertainment spend a little and only when necessary.

Capricorn lend money only to the person in the integrity and honesty of which he had no doubt.Be sure to reassure him that everything will return just in time, but rather leave a receipt.


refers to money as a toy, it is unclear to the invention.Use them only to maintain the necessary level of life and parted without regret.

Aquarius, do not hesitate to support the suffering other.Although it is not sure whether he has any money.If they had suddenly found themselves in the presence of, and take all at once, because an hour later he had to lend them to another suffering or squandered over lunch.


Most of these people are not practical and do not understand the real value of money and business acumen are trying to replace intuition.But they have a lot of ideas, which may well make their friends.They are easy to fool.

delicate and not very practical Pisces immediately open credit you will not be put at the same time any conditions and to demand the debt back.It is important to not become one of those who shamelessly enjoys the gentle nature of these noble creatures.

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