Horoscope for the Year of the Tiger in the balance

Love and Sex for scales

From 21 to 30 May.Although career takes you now much more attitude is also important.The high level of emotion and as a consequence - a confrontation with a partner can be observed on 23 May.May 25 and 26 - days full of harmony.This is an opportune time for intimacy.From 1 to 10 June.June 1 and 2 held in the arms of a loved one.And on June 3 romantic it is better not to plan.On this day, there is danger of falling under the power of the illusion that in the future can lead to misunderstandings and frustration.After the 7th of June, you started a new period in the relationship - perhaps you will meet your soulmate.June 9 and 10 are favorable for sex.From 11 to 21 June.

11 and 12 June, you can easily establish a spiritual contact with your chosen one that will significantly strengthen the relationship.June 19-20, avoid the external manifestations of anger or resentment, it can cause conflict.June 21 the situation will improve.

romantic date.Everyone loves pizza - and you with

your chosen certainly not an exception, because this Italian food is associated with good mood and occasion.Let your meeting will be held in a democratic environment.Book a table in the pizzeria, and in addition to favorite dishes, take a glass of red wine - the evening promises to be very successful.

family for scales

family business you temporarily released from his captivity, but try not to run everything connected with the house.May 30 and 31, place the order and dispose of all trash.Your home will immediately fresher and more comfortable, its power will be cleansed and more beneficial.

June 1 and 2, pay attention to the children - they certainly have long dreamed that you went with them to the movies or the park - take a ride on the carousel.7 and 8 June, you can clear up all outstanding issues in the relationship with her husband, but it should be done correctly, not to get personal.

Rest for scales

It is time to long-haul travel, exploring the cultures and traditions of different countries and peoples.Best day of the trip - 12 June.After 16 June the long favorable period for traveling abroad.

Place of power for the balance.Well, you can recharge your batteries in a birch grove.Trees are now entered a period of prosperity and.being among them, you feel the connection with the deep source of strength, because the ancient Slavs birch was considered a sacred tree, the symbol of light, purity and femininity.

Work and Money for a horoscope for the Year of the Tiger in the balance

until June 7, you will deal with the remnants of routine work, and then switch your attention to establishing business relationships with partners, contracts, various talks and so on. D. Revenueswill be stable, although you will continue to invest a lot of money in the home and family.This month is also the possibility of change in your career - most likely, you stop doing what you have long been oppressed.And although you will not be easy to decide on fundamental changes later you are grateful.In June, things will get easier - to the 15th of you finally calm down and will no longer be afraid of change.Buy month for scales.Take a look at a shoe store and buy a pair of comfortable walking shoes summer.

your chosen scales

Love for scales.In the first half of the month may have some tension, but after June 7 will get the love for him more important than just a romantic encounter - it is likely that very soon it will be decided on a responsible step, the main thing - do not rush things.Spiritual issues now take you only so much more than intimate.

Tone for scales.Compared with the previous month, being male Libra improve.Review lifestyle, give up bad habits, pay more attention to relaxation, meditation, sleep.Good choose to start healing 4 and 5 June.May 23-24, there may be deterioration of health on emotional grounds.

Finance for the balance.Although the costs are still a lot of financial collapse it is not threatened.The biggest earnings await those who are engaged in real estate operations or working at home.Bank employees stars promise a promotion.Good days for investments - May 25-26, June 9, you can take the risk and take the credit.

Work for balance.The work will be much, until June 7 to complete all projects should be.After this date, a period of negotiation with business partners for further cooperation prospects.Since mid-June, he will already know exactly which direction to go next.

Friends for scales.Active communication with friends last until June 7, it is possible that someone from them, he will venture new business.This could lead to disputes and disagreements.After June 15 will communicate back to a peaceful course.It is expected the arrival of friends from afar.

Leisure weights.Embark on a long journey together.Preferably in an exotic country.