Compatibility people zodiac signs

As you know, there are no coincidences.All our motives, movements, actions, deeds, including meetings, in excess of pre-defined.Remember, under what constellation there was your first meeting with your favorite - and the stars predict how events will unfold, will be pleased with the forecast, and probably will warn of impending disappointment.

under the sign of Aries

Events are developing rapidly.Already on the first date, you can get a marriage proposal.Said yes - and you will be on hand.Sea of ​​flowers, serenades under the window, luxury gifts, foreign travel, the constant attentions, the alluring prospects.All of this can become a reality, though not for long.Enthusiasm your prince may be enough for a couple of years.To prolong the charm, try to maintain the freshness of feelings and do not remind elect a banal prose of life.

under the sign of Taurus

your new friend is behaving cautiously and with restraint.Take the initiative in their hands, but try not to overdo it so as not to frighten

the timid gentleman.If you can attach to his new friend, a faithful companion you will not find and live a long and happy life together that will be a good compatibility of people on the signs of the zodiac.

under the sign of Gemini

Today, you both talked incessantly and can not stop, do not want to leave even for a moment, and tomorrow, neither he nor you take the time to gain the coveted phone number and do not rush out on a date.Your loved one weighs all that is done "on duty."Expect surprises: the emotional impulse of your friend can call you in a movie or a romantic dinner.

under the sign of Cancer

Emotions dominate in your relationship, your feelings are subject to change for a hundred times a day.Never forget that a kind word or a gentle one particular vision can replace a thousand words.But be careful if your partner catch insincerity - love here also depart, because the sign of Cancer is characterized touchiness and extreme suspicion.

under the sign of Leo

August - a good month for singles, it promotes a long and stable relationship.No need to rush things - Stretch pleasure.Your relationship may resemble bright fire, which eventually will only inflame.Holiday stories that happen in August, have every chance to develop into a long and happy marriage.

under the sign of Virgo

your relationship is slightly reminiscent timetable.External Policy and conventions can have a strong influence on them for compatibility of people on the zodiacal signs.If your friend for the time lost interest in you, do not jump to conclusions.Rather, he is preparing a force and generates feelings again to get closer to you.If you survive the period of cooling, heat envy your relationship all around.

under the sign of Libra

Such relationships can lead to a quick marriage, or as quickly disintegrate.Halftone and time for reflection will be.If your partner, blushing and hiding his eyes, he starts talking about how difficult it is to meet your soul mate, to be vigilant.Support it, confirm that you too are looking for a loved one for a long time and you think you have already found.

Under the Sign of Scorpio

Pay attention to the mystical subtext of your meetings and relationships.Give the partner understand that your meeting is not accidental - maybe you have the beautiful stranger, of which he dreamed for years.Talk less and listen more, to learn to look sexy and provocative.Spearheads dates.Bonds which occur at this time is usually long and serious.

under the sign of Sagittarius

New Year's holidays all good mood and acquaintances come easily.Do not hesitate to show his sociable disposition and sense of humor.It's a magical period: ordinary humble guy on the street can be a handsome prince.Your task is to maintain his enthusiasm and willingness to participate in a fun adventure.


Everything will grow faster than you could imagine.Your new friend is quite a serious attitude, and if you answer his idea of ​​the perfect life partner, your wedding will happen very soon.However, you can confuse overly businesslike and somewhat dry tone of your beau.This behavior can be different reasons: from a banal shyness to uncertainty in your feelings.Try to break the ice of mistrust - and soon next to him, you will see a close, gentle and dedicated man.

under the sign of Aquarius

Encourage your loved one to believe that all that is happening between you - the long haul.For starters limit to friendly relations, share their thoughts and listen carefully to yourself, soon you will become his best friend.Convince chosen that can be not only a pleasant conversationalist, but a companion of life.Do not rush things, or the gentleman decides that you are not serious, and she set to frivolous adventure.

under the sign of Pisces

you waiting for an exciting adventure to unravel the secrets and mysteries of the beloved and to intrigue him.This is the case when you see the reality of who you've dreamed of.In your meetings, a lot depends on hunches and intuition.If you feel that a stranger who stared at you for a few minutes, something you are interested or seem familiar to you, feel free to continue the acquaintance.Intuition will not disappoint you, and if you are anticipating that your meeting - the fate, do not let, go to meet her!

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Symbols Love

Note the gifts that presents your new friend, because they symbolize his feelings.They say that the gifts - the visible symbols of love.Presents in the form of the heart, a strong love and appreciate flowers giver in you a real woman.Gives expensive jewelry - he is serious, by the way, pearl jewelry considered a symbol of pure, beautiful love.Ring precious metal diamond indicates that you trust and are willing to make an offer.