Horoscope for Sagittarius in the year of the tiger

Love and Sex for Archer

From 21 to 31 May.Increased interest in sex life, desire for harmony.May 27 to avoid conflicts.From May 28, the situation will improve.May 30 - a good day for the strengthening of spiritual intimacy with loved ones.From 1 to 10 June.June 3 - a difficult day, communicate with care, especially watch out for words, said by phone or in writing.From June 6 begins an interesting stage - you can meet a new romantic love or your relationship suddenly changed for the better, it will happen within a year.June 7 may have difficulties in understanding and love, but the 8th everything will work out.From 11 to 21 June.June 11 - a difficult day for the relationship that you want to discuss important issues, but not all will turn out right.12th situation will be better, although differences will be felt for a few days.June 13-14 dedicate intimacy, but to subdue his emotions.June 15 - the day of sublime love and spiritual convergence.

romantic date for Archer.Your meeting will produce an unf

orgettable impression when held under unusual circumstances.Remember that you never in my life have not done - and do!It can be anything - a night in a tent by the campfire, a visit to the most extravagant restaurant in your town or test himself in a new sport.

Family for Archer

until 6 June you busy right up on household chores - finish the protracted repair or, finally, to relocate.When you come to a new period.You will be engaged in education of children - if you do not have offspring, it's time to think about it - and it is possible that your dreams will come true soon.June 3 - day conflict - it is better not to communicate with their neighbors, and relatives to keep their distance.June 5 gather at the same table all the generations of your family.June 6-7 - important but difficult days to communicate with children, 8th you will be easier to establish contact with them.June 11 can quarrel with her husband - and reconciliation on the following day.

Rest for Archer

Far romantic journey is calling you.Embark on a journey on May 21-24.June 3 is not desirable to drive.15th and 16th-best days in June for a long journey, it is possible that this will be an overseas trip, you can combine business with pleasure.Place of power for the archer.Archers - people sociable.Often happens in the company of people with diverse outlook, allow yourself to think broadly and freely - and you will feel much more confident and stronger.

Work and money for Sagittarius

money this month properly will bring your professional activity.May 21-22 may occur moving up the career ladder, but do not need to wait for anything in advance.Ability to establish partnerships, negotiate agreements and to observe come to the fore.On June 9, plan things to do, you can easily cope with a heavy workload.10th Attention! Do not react too emotionally to the comments of his colleagues.Walk to the shops on May 30-31, will be successful and fruitful.

Purchase months.Large professional handbook or encyclopaedia, which will always lie on your office desk.

your chosen archer

love for Archer.This month, he will show you a heightened interest, and starting from June 7 will generally be occupied only by you.His intentions will become more serious and meaningful, you will feel his sincere attention and the desire to continue the relationship, probably, he will offer you a hand and heart.

Tone for Archer.There is no reason for concern about health.This month, an additional source of energy and strength - a good relationship with you (and with business partners, too).Observe the agreement - that you deliver him from the stress.A good day to start treatments - 9 June.

Finance for Archer.This month, your sweet, finally got the financial result of long and hard work of the last two years.The higher the professionalism, the more earnings.Necessary purchases and investments can be made on May 30-31, and large amounts of other people's money is better not to risk it - listen to the advice of astrologers, horoscopes for Sagittarius in the year of the tiger.

Work for Archer.The favorable period in relations with colleagues continues, is especially important to reach agreements with business partners.Completion of major projects requires close attention.After the June 7 will increase the professional activity of the representatives of creative professions.

Friends for Archer.He has no great need to communicate with friends, but he does not mind to invite friends to her house.Good day to chat with friends - on 21 June.

Leisure Archer.In the first decade of the month it is possible to go on holiday abroad or to another city.Start the journey better until May 25.The rest of the days are coming for a romantic getaway.