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A masterpiece of homemade dishes - soup with dried mushrooms

Recipe soup with dried mushrooms in meat broth

So, in order to prepare this soup, of course, you need dried mushrooms.To do this you will approach all kinds of drying, which can be purchased either at the store or at the grandmother in the market.Of course, buying dried mushrooms in specialized outlets, you will protect yourself and your family.It will be much better than to buy a "herbarium" with it on the market.Although you can make the mushroom harvesting, and most, if your area has a clean timber and you're an avid mushroom hunter with extensive experience in the collection of such forest products.

Recipe soup with dried mushrooms in meat broth


  • Dried mushrooms 50-80 g
  • meat broth - 2 liters
  • Carrot - 2 pcs.
  • onions - 1-2 pieces.
  • Butter - about 50 grams
  • potatoes medium sized - 2 pcs.
  • bay leaf, salt and pepper to your taste

before cooking soup with dried mushrooms, the first thing you need to soak the dried mushroom.This is necessary in order to make them suitable for slicing and have the desired size and shape.For

this purpose, a small amount of water at room temperature, we soaked drying and leave as such for a few hours.After this time, be sure to rinse well with swollen fungi from sand and other dirt.Then cut the mushrooms into small squares or reserve in the form in which they are.

Now we proceed to the next part of our cooking soup.Our task - to clean potatoes, carrots and onions.Potatoes cut into cubes and add it to the hot broth.While the potatoes are cooked, cut the onion and three carrots on a coarse grater.

then spread on a heated pan needed us the quantity of butter and fry begin our onions.Once it is browned, add the grated carrots to it and begin to saute.Then we put our mushrooms and fry them a little with all the vegetables.The contents of the frying pan add to boiled potatoes.Salt, pepper and leave languish on low heat for 10-15 minutes.

finished dish is poured into bowls, sprinkle with fresh herbs.

Step by step recipe for a delicious soup with mushrooms on a meat broth.

option Meatless soup with mushrooms

You can make soup with dried mushrooms and water.Then, instead of the finished broth you will need a vegetable broth.The fact that the need for this easy soup diet, read below.


  • Dried mushrooms -50 g
  • Potatoes - 3-4 pcs.
  • Onions - 1 pc.
  • Carrots - 1-2 pieces.
  • Butter - 50g
  • Water - 2 liters
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Dried mushrooms prepare in the same way as in the recipe described above, that is soaked for two or three hours.Further, they should be well washed, but the water in which the drying swelled, we do not pour out, and filtered through a layer of gauze.Later this mushroom liquid we add to vegetable soup.

in boiling water lay brushed and chopped potatoes into cubes and add the strained mushroom water.Cook until cooked potatoes.At this time passiruem onions and carrots with butter.

Once the potatoes was ready, add the roasted vegetables and mushrooms.Salt, pepper to taste.Continue to cook the soup for 10-15 minutes.

Step by step recipe for vegetable soup with mushrooms.

Recipes of the first dishes are very healthy and nutritious, in spite of its low calorie content.These options soup with dried mushrooms are perfect for those who hold fast or proper nutrition.