Beverages // Carbonated

Stamp Aelin

  • pineapple juice - 1.4-1.5 liters (canned)
  • apricot nectar - 1.4-1.5 liters (canned)
  • lime concentrate - 180 grams (frozen)
  • carbonated drink with lemon-lime taste - 2 liters

1. For the preparation of the punch very well fit the usual juices, which you can buy in the supermarket.Moreover, the package is available today in volume of 1.5 liters.2. Frozen Concentrate Lime can be replaced with freshly squeezed lime juice, it will need 1 cup.3. In the bowl of punch mix lime juice and concentrate (or fruit juice).4. The last thing to pour carbonated beverage, mix quickly.5. Garnish with thin slices of lemon punch and lime, so that they floated on the surface of the drink and serve immediately punch guests."Aelin" great for parties with children.

Servings: 10

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