Appointment // At lunch

Sandwich with turkey and avocado

  • bread - 2 slices
  • mayonnaise - 1 tbsp.Spoon
  • cheese - 2 slices turkey
  • - 2 slices of tomato
  • - 4 slices avocado
  • - 6 slices
  • sprigs of dill - 2-3 pieces

1. Bread optional browned in the toaster orthe pan to form a delicious golden crust.Coat one side of the toast with mayonnaise.2. Finely chop dill and put it in a separate dish.3. Avocado peel and cut into thin slices, tomato cut into thin slices.4. In a toast to put cheese, turkey, tomato and avocado slices.Top generously sprinkle with dill.Yes, this sandwich is better to eat with a fork from a plate at the table, not his hands in front of the TV, not to spill it, but the taste is worth it!

Servings: 2

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