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How to cook hot meals every day?

autumn nostalgia.
7-8 medium potatoes;3 tomatoes;some olives;salt;vegetable oil;butter;bread crumbs;a few drops of vinegar;curry.
method of cooking:
Select the same size potatoes, cover with cold water and boil it in a "uniform" until half.That during the cooking does not burst peel into the water you can add a few drops of vinegar.Be sure that the potatoes are digested.The water is drained potatoes to cool, cut along the thin slices.Each slice is a little salt and sprinkle with curried.
In pan heat oil and lightly fry the potatoes until golden brown.In the process of cooking the potatoes should not be turned into chips.
tomatoes and olives cut into thin slices.The deep baking dish greased with butter, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and put the potato slices overlap.Cover with a few slices of tomato and olives.All repeat again.Layers can be any number.Put in preheated oven for our meal a few minutes to warm up the potatoes and tomatoes a little parched.
If you want your layers are not disintegrated duri
ng batch serving dishes on the table, they can be lightly grease sour before baking.The best complement to this potato is an easy salad of fresh vegetables.

Potato 'hearts. "
200 g mashed potatoes;1 egg;flour;a pinch of baking soda;starch;vegetable oil;mayonnaise.
method of cooking:
mashed potato mix with an egg and a pinch of baking soda.Add the flour to get soft, but sticky dough.Roll out on the table, sprinkle starch.With the help of molds cut "hearts."Fry them on both sides in vegetable oil.The finished dish is hot "hearts" to decorate with mayonnaise.

Baked potatoes with cheese and cream.
potato - 700-800 g;butter - 40 g;egg - 3 pcs .;cream - 200 ml;Cheese - 60 g (50 g in 10 g fill posypku);garlic (optional) - 1 clove;salt;herbs (parsley, dill, onions);vegetable oil.
method of cooking:
Raw peeled potatoes cut into slices, lightly fry in vegetable oil.
until potatoes fried, make filling: In a bowl beat the eggs, dilute cream, stir, add the grated cheese and mix well.
deep dish greased with butter, squeeze through a press garlic and sprinkle the bottom of them.Put layers of potatoes, seasoning each layer to water and sprinkle with salt.The last layer of salt, pour the sauce, melted butter and sprinkle with cheese.Place in preheated oven and bake at 175 ° until golden brown.
finished hot dish sprinkled with fresh herbs.It turns out very tender potato casserole.
These delicious dishes every day will appreciate the readers.