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Oksana Mukha: wedding dresses

main purpose Oksana Mukha is to make the woman in the most important day of her life the most beautiful and feminine bride.For evening and wedding dresses fly, even using Swarovski crystals and only quality materials - fabrics and European lace.Therefore, most brides purchase wedding dress designer Mucha.

Despite the fact that each wedding dress is a work of art, it is embedded in the particle soul designer, all of the dresses are affordable when compared with other famous clothes designers.Choosing a dress from the designer and the designer Oksana Mukha, you can look at a king without a hit on the wallet at his own wedding.

at the wedding broke the Russian market brand «Oksana Mukha», sweeping in the way of their competitors."Socialite" and Russian bride more than 15 years to buy wedding and evening dresses from Oksana Mukha, but before they were sold under other brand names and wedding anonymously.Currently, the most demanded Oksana Mukha and the famous wedding collection.Under this brand are so

ld wedding and evening gowns, dresses, and wedding and perfumes.Price wedding dress sometimes reaching several thousand dollars, but the price does not bother brides.They are willing to pay for quality and original design of this wedding dress designer.Recently, significantly increased popularity of wedding fashion, because she began to collaborate with the fashion house Dior, thanks to many prizes received at various exhibitions, fashion shows, wedding international competitions.

Design unique wedding dresses.This rigor, elegance, chic, accented by the elegance, elegance and luxury combined with the original rich finish.Some models use painted by the "batik".With the precision of a jeweler wedding dresses are fitted on the figure of the bride, thanks to sophisticated technology in the manufacture of a corset.Embroidery manually, create a unique pattern, which is a smooth transition from one shade to another shade, flowering field, which fills the bodice wedding dress.Wedding Collection is made of exclusive fabrics for the brand «Oksana Mukha» of the fabrics and lace are made in France.

Oksana Mukha the 2nd time was invited to Paris to show off their wedding gowns and evening dresses in the Louvre, her dress "Oksana" came out in the final and finished the fashion show at the Louvre.For it was a great honor - to open and close the fashion show.If you want to be a princess at his own wedding, you will need to appeal to Ukrainian designer Oksana Mukha.

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