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Women's outerwear in the new winter season

astrakhan lamb fur was very popular in the seventies - eighties.Then all these ladies wore forage caps, coats, hats, his cap of lambs with Central Asia.But after some time, the excitement died down.However, this winter such fur outerwear, decorated with original ornaments, is back.The designers were presented a variety of models in gray, black calm shades.Girls can carefully consider your favorite model shows, pictures which have already been presented to the public.Flared.Fitted fine coat - a hymn to beauty, femininity, splendor.Fur double-breasted jackets are ideal for walking through the streets of the city, also presented a collection astrakhan collars on the beautiful cashmere coat, luxurious elongated vests, as well as other models.

In winter 2012 collection is dominated by dark shades, naturally.But the designers of diluted bright colors.Do you want to be glamorous?Then it is necessary to choose a fur coat dyed - one of the big ideas of the eighties.Here, the brightness corresponds to trendy.The
creators of these trends have not regretted for collections brightness, we came up with a surprisingly beautiful patterns, pictures on the exquisite creations.Worth seeing smooth transitions degrade, melange color, multicolor pattern.

military style does not descend from the podium the past two seasons, is based on this style of wholesale women's clothing in many modern companies.Metal buttons on jackets give the girls a hard look, so they are recommended to combine with drapeable soft tissue.This season, a combination of optimum contrast not only in colors but also in texture.In the nineties

sheepskin coat was a symbol of fashion circles.Leather (Nappalan), suede (Krek), «oblivnye» (Pull-up) coats constantly flashed on the shows of the top women's clothing.Today, designers offer a long version of the black or reddish-brown.Styles is recommended to select a belt, straight, double-breasted, with a fastener similar duffle coat.Products made of tanned skin can not, of course, call the evening, rather, it is a daily way of a charming business woman.

Winter 2012 shows trends of the twentieth century, it can be called special for the top women's clothing.Such a large number of options in a retrospective collection was not.Fashion designers have decided to reflect the special connection between generations is closely interwoven, so that the mother could tell her daughter that they wore coats with other boots.Young girls can browse fashion magazines of the past decades and see them in fashion trends today.

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