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Spring trend №1: what to wear colored tights in spring 2015

Colored tights: create a vivid image

This spring will be particularly relevant pantyhose following colors: red, blue, yellow, blue, green, gray, purple.It is not surprising that such bright colors is able to confuse inexperienced fashionistas - color models are incredibly catchy and instantly attract attention.Therefore, in order to be 100% sure that your outfit is attractive for its stylishness, not eccentric, remember a few simple rules.

Firstly, bright tights - the focus of your image.Therefore, play on contrasts.Boldly colored tights combine with clothes in neutral tones.Excellent fit the following colors: black, gray, beige, blue, white.

Secondly, a colored tights should choose garments of similar hue.Try to choose not too bright colors.For example, blue and purple clothes easily perceived by people, but the bright yellow or red will irritate the eyes.When creating an image with a very catchy tights refer to the first rule.

Third, do not forget about accessories.Stylists are advised to choose

a harmonious way of 3 elements of one color.Thus, in the tone of a color can pick up even pantyhose scarf, gloves or a belt.

From what to wear fashionable colored tights spring 2015

This spring season with colored tights would be best to combine clothes with patterns.But only if the clothes and stockings of the same color, or there is a match in terms of the picture - it makes a thoughtful way.For example, wearing a skirt in red cells, can easily complement the image and red tights.No less important is the look and the image in which colored tights combined with the top of the shade - shirts, blouses, shirt or top.

this spring with colored tights can experiment and combine them, for example, with lace shorts - another trend in 2015.Do not forget about the classic win-win options: a small black dress, pencil skirt, light sweater-tunic, a wide coat.