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How to protect your skin from the sun?

  • most beautiful and useful tan is light tan with a golden sheen.Start sunbathing should gradually.In order not to get burned skin on the first day, begin to sunbathe in the morning or in the shade.From 12 to 15 hours under the conditions of the Russian climate sun is most active.
  • 's windy burn the easiest to get.The wind cools the skin, and you do not notice how to get burned.
  • Constant hydration of the skin with water and lead to undesirable consequences.Water droplets enhance sun exposure as act as lenses.
  • to tanning lay down on the skin evenly throughout the body, it is better not to sunbathe lying on a chaise lounge, and on the move.
  • Upon returning from the beach it is recommended to take a shower and be sure to put on your skin cream "after-sun", or moisturizing lotion or cream.If the burn could not be avoided, you can use some means: Apply on the affected places sour milk, cologne, vodka, potato juice, or camomile tea.

ideal skin protection creams are special , having the effect of

sunscreen.They protect the skin from harmful rays A and B types is called a wide spectrum of action of this drug.Unfortunately, most protective creams only have protective properties against solar radiation type B. The ingredients that make up this cream can absorb and / or reflect the sun's rays.Protective cream should have a high quality moisturizing and contain antioxidants.

protection factor means designated SPF letters and numbers, for example, SPF-15.The figures indicate the time that exceeds the safe exposure to the sun.This time depends on the intensity of solar radiation and skin type person.

without protective cream people can stay in the sun following intervals:

  • If you are the owner of sensitive skin, your skin is not able to sunbathe, it burns instantly.Basically, these are people with red hair and freckles.Safe stay under the bright luchamisolntsa be 5-10 minutes.
  • blonde with sensitive skin may be in direct sunlight for 10-20 minutes.
  • Holders of dark brown hair and brown-haired with a normal skin type - from 20 to 30 minutes.
  • If the color of your hair or dark brown, and dark skin, the safe sun exposure time will be about 40 minutes.

For example: if you burns in the sun for 10 minutes, then a sunscreen with SPF-Defense 8 allows stay in the sun 80 minutes.The more you will be protected from the B beams, and the protection of the A-rays will be less.These funds are not able to protect the skin by 100%, and the defense is very limited.Use data protection cream for longer sun exposure is not necessary.

When buying sunscreen pay special attention to the expiration date.Storage of such funds in a warm place contributes to the loss of their protective properties.Today, many cosmetics, makeup base have in their composition SPF-filters.However, they are designed for short exposures to sunlight.In cases where the residence time in the sun may be delayed, it is necessary to use special cream for sun protection.

for the Russian climate conditions we recommend using the following filters:

Skin Type

first days

following days

very sensitive

SPF 20-30

SPF 15-20


SPF 12-15

SPF 8-12






SPF 4-6

tools with SPF-factor must first, for 20-30 minutes before going out, apply liberallyon the exposed areas. Rub the cream should not be.It is necessary that the skin formed vidimayaplёnka.Repeat the procedure for applying the cream necessary every two hours or after exiting the water.Particular attention should be given to quickly burn body parts: nose, cheeks, lips, ears, shoulders, chest, back, knees, back of the leg.If for some reason you did not have at hand a special protective cream, it can be replaced by vegetable oils - olive, corn or sunflower.Fats of mineral origin are not suitable to protect the skin from the sun.

Do not rely on sunscreen. hat, sunglasses and light clothing will protect you from UV rays, no less.Clothing is chosen from polyester and dark tones.It has been observed that dark clothes better able to protect from the sun than light.As if it did not look strange, but knits for protection rather than clothing made of fabric.The materials consist of two layers, barrier properties have doubled, and wet clothing loses the quality similar to almost three times.On hot days, better to give preference to loose clothing made of thick material.The folds of the garments increase the effect of sunscreen.As a headdress is recommended to use a hat with a wide brim.The ideal option is to protect themselves from exposure to sunlight will be in the shade.