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Technique relaxing erotic massage

shortage of positive emotions, we tend to compensate for a delicious meal.But you can solve this problem a little differently - massage.Also invisible work in the emotional sphere, and relaxing massage has quite tangible therapeutic effect.Improves skin, stimulates the immune system, increases the body's resistance.

know where to press!

Technique relaxing erotic massage on the human body aims to more suitable areas.For office workers and motorists is neck and neck area, since it accounts for the main load.If at the same time you have the time and effort promassirovat even with the back of the hand - the customer is waiting for a "full of flies."The scalp is no less listens to tactile sensations - will respond with gratitude to a massage.For example, it may take a headache, but with regular massage improves the growth and condition of the hair.It is very susceptible to massage the feet and hands due to the large number of biologically active points.Massage these parts of the body not only very enjoya

ble, but also very useful!

Workshop on relaxation massage

If you are interested in the cervical area, or head - a person better to sit on a chair in a relaxed posture - he must lean on the back, close his eyes and his head hanging forward.If you are doing a back massage or a leg, it is best to put a man on a firm, flat surface.Doing massage in the slope of uncomfortable, so taking care of convenience "patient" does not deprive himself.For massage oil is used, which can be completely odorless or with aromatic components.If you want to add as an element and aromatherapy massage with lavender oil choose - it has a relaxing effect.

Almost Morse code

set of movements used in massage, can not be called too rich - even a beginner is unlikely they will get confused: this stroking, rubbing, kneading (squeezing) and vibration (shaking).With stroking massage begins and ends, it is with him all the tricks alternate.Squeeze the hand to the skin by pushing your thumb to the side.Adjust the pressure force so that the hand can move freely on the skin without causing discomfort.Try pat "patient" back of the hand, put one hand on top of the other - this method is called stroking with weights.At grinding arm does not slip on the skin and moves with it.The movement is carried out in the course of the blood and lymph flow.It makes it more vigorously than stroking.Movement of longitudinal, transverse, zigzag.The basic massage techniques - kneading, is gripping, it is lifted, squeezing and displacement of tissues.Kneading can be roughly compared to squeezing a sponge - clasp arm across his fingers, lift and "press", shifted towards the big toe.After a refit and press the base of the palm.Try to be continuous kneading.

Vibration - a rapid oscillatory or jerky movements.Movements are performed with a view to relaxing the arms and legs.And you can shake the entire limb.Take massaged for finger or toe and gently but vigorously shaken.ABC mastered, it's time to move on and to practice!Perform the movement slowly and try not to take your hands away from the body during the change of movement, even traffic flow into one another.If you need to take the oil, keep one hand on the body of the 'patient' - the constant contact is important.

Start with smooth strokes from the neck down.Each reception do 3-4 times, then move on to the next, alternating with the stroking.We put on top of the pads 4 fingers slightly apart and their tightly pressed to the head and moving his fingers in a spiral, went down to the forehead.Then again, from the top of the climb to the temples, and again from the top - to the back of the head.Repeat each movement 3-4 times and strokes.Run your hands through his hair and pressed his fingertips tightly to the scalp, begin to move in a spiral from the ears to the center of the head, then from the temples on the edge of the hair to the spine.You can walk in the same way on the edge of the hair above the forehead from the center of the forehead to the temples.

Arrange the rake fingers and how much they spend on the back of the head to the top and back.Moving from top down exert a little more effort than when moving upward.Pay attention to the ears - they are plenty of biologically active points!Walk pinch motions from the tip to the top of the ear.Finish massage stroking movements from the forehead over his head and neck over the shoulders and do The drop motion.The whole procedure takes anti-stress massage for about 15-20 minutes, and in self-massage, and even less - about 10 minutes after it relaxed the patient is more likely to want to take a nap - cover his shoulders with something warm shawl or blanket and leave it to take a nap for about 30 minutes,and even hour.And wait for the question: "When else?" We recommend the procedure to a relaxing massage visit Thai aromabanyu, sauna or hot shower.This will prepare the body - will remove all negative, accumulated during the day in the form of slag and dirt.The result - easy, free deep breath and clear skin.And the rest - the work of the master!In the hands of all the strength and energy, they can be as energize, to tone and relax and get rid of the pain.Neither unit will not replace the magic touch of human hands!And, of course, the atmosphere: the interior, music, smells, caring attitude of the staff, quality of service - all it takes the world of light-heartedness and relax.

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