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First time abroad, a brief guide

Buying trips
Finally, with the help of employees of a travel agency, you still bought the tour.Employees of travel agencies book the tour and confirm your request, you can take it all, or a few minutes or a few hours.When your tour is booked, you pay the money, then paying, you get your hands on an agreement signed with travel agency.In case of flight into the country, where visa-free entry, while in the hands of the passport you are.If you choose your holiday country, which need a visa, while employees travel agency you give your passport and visa requirements for the necessary documents: the money to pay for a visa, pictures, information.It may happen, and so if you are visiting a country with visa, the visa can not you give, and you have already booked a tour, then you need to pay "insurance on his own recognizance," for the money, not after the visa returned to you.

The contract specifies the necessary information about the trip, length of stay, number of persons, meals, hotel and country.

tour operators at the time when they give you a contract, will be informed of which airport you are flying, what flight, and at what time.Travel documents: insurance policy, airline tickets, vouchers for the settlement, passports with visas, the day of your departure will be waiting for you at the airport.But some travel agencies offer to take the documents out of the office for a day or two before departure.

Of course, such a prospect to get their documents in two hours before departure, exciting, suddenly comes an employee may be in the documents that something was wrong, and so on.But do not worry.Already thousands of times worked out such a procedure, and the lining is unlikely.You should arrive at the airport two and a half hours before the departure of your flight.Find your tour operator about it you have to say in a travel agency, and say exactly where, and how representative of the terminal building will be your tour operator.

Flight plane
On that day you are at the airport, where some two and a half or three hours before your departure.Now your task is to find your tour operator.Do not worry if it will be late.Finally, you waited for it and got an envelope with documents.Well check the envelope in this envelope will have to be cheap, usually one round-trip ticket.The ticket places where you will be sitting in the cabin of the aircraft, usually not listed, you will receive them when will be registered must also be a voucher for check in, check the length of stay in the country, catering, hotel and everything else that you might needAfter arrival in the country.If you already gave the passport, you should get them, too, and check for a visa.Visa is placed on any unoccupied page in the passport, the visa may also be in the middle of your passport.

documents you have on hand, now you need to go:
1. Customs control.
2. Sign up for the flight and submit their baggage.
3. go through passport control.

We must not forget that the other passengers of the flight will also undergo these procedures, without even knowing, you can become "the tail of the" turn and perform the desired action.Tell us briefly about these procedures

Customs control
During customs examination it turns out you are carrying prohibited items that can not be exported.You are required to declare to the customs declaration, if you are currently a large sum of money, weapons, antiques and drugs and stuff.In the customs hall there are two zones: the Green Corridor and the Red Corridor.Red Channel for passengers who have to declare the items in the customs declaration for the export.Green Channel for passengers who are in possession of anything are not declared.99% of the passengers have nothing to declare.And we quietly go through the Green Channel.Customs officers can selectively check and inspect the luggage of any passenger, keep in mind that it is quite rare.

Check-in and Baggage
At check-in you will exchange tickets, and will be given a boarding pass, they will act as a badge when entering the airplane.During registration, you can find a place in the cabin.But if you eat the whole company or family, then all tickets and passports to be met at once.

When you register, you leave yourself hand luggage and luggage surrender.If you have little things, you can leave your bags with them as hand luggage.Or, you can dip your luggage in the cargo hold of the aircraft, and only then on arrival, get it at the airport.Pack your luggage in a rugged suitcase or bag, it is better not to put in the suitcase breakable things, because they can break even if dropped from low altitude.After loading and unloading of baggage is not very delicate matter.Many airports for an additional fee, you can pack the luggage, it covered with layers of film, it is durable, compact, will not hang the rope handles, and the attacker would be impossible to penetrate.

on the boarding pass which will be given to you will be written for you is very important information, namely the number of output, in English «gate», you need it to be to the time of landing could go to the door that youneeded.Listen on speakerphone, this information often give.

Passport control
Before leaving outside the country, will have to go through passport control.By the passport control, passengers fit on one sheet, and impose, at the request of the border guard, must present the boarding pass.At passport control you tick that you have passed the state border.

These procedures in the different airports are different.You are in any case looking at the scoreboard your flight, you will be told about it in a travel agency, and called his number, as it is written on the ticket.At the board, where you will see your flight, will be listed next to the reception, which will be checked baggage and to register.If you arrive early, then you have to board your flight will not see.

learn numbers, you go to their racks.You can go through customs control, or to pass it after your registration.With the passage of the customs control.If you come early, will stand empty, the registration has not yet begun.But gradually, the tourists will be collected, such as passengers, as you and all the registration forms.

pass through customs for tourists, it's probably some kind of convention, you almost do not notice it, or on the way to the reception you have already passed or will pass the customs control post.

When you get your boarding pass, you and your hand luggage go to passport control.And go, it you officially leave the borders of Russia and get to neutral territory.At your disposal there is still time, and you will be able to shop duty-free shopping duty free.After passport control all shops duty free, because they are not located in Russia.Payment in euros and dollars for goods.During the flight you will be offered the same goods duty free.

When approaching departure time, you need to follow to your door / gate.In the waiting room, you will need to go through metal detectors and undergo inspection of personal baggage.In the waiting room, you will be waiting for your ad to landing, and with the passengers, boarding pass, presenting the airport staff if you need your passport and boarding pass necessarily.

the plane you will be offered drinks, dinner, as well as goods duty free.

Here you will pass all the procedures in reverse order.

passport and customs control.
If you have a visa in your passport, you pass control.At the request of the border guards, you should be ready to present a voucher for accommodation in hotel and other documents.

If you are flying to Egypt or Turkey, then on arrival you should just buy a visa stamp.Gather the required amount or in dollars or in euros, preferably without change.Buy brand, paste on a blank page of your passport, fill out an immigration card, which in Latin characters enter passport details, the hotel and the city where you live.

prepared all the papers, immigration card and a passport with a visa pasted, you go to the front of the passport control.There is a border guard will put you a stamp that you entered the country, and you pass the customs control zone.

you go to the baggage reclaim hall and there wait until the luggage is unloaded from the plane, you'll see it on the conveyor belt.You pick up the luggage and when you exit the airport you will meet fellow host.He will hold a sign, written with your tour operator.The employee registers you, and shows you how to get to the shuttle bus that will take you to the hotel.While all the tourists gather at the exit and before the bus departed, typically runs an hour, then you deliver to the hotel.

checking into the hotel
When you transfer to your hotel, your guide will instruct tourists in detail, give instructions and an appointment at the hotel the next day.Guides can be present in the population, and can leave you with the documents at the reception.Typically, employees know Russian and English languages.You give the employee the reception voucher for check-in and passport, then after any formalities you hand over the card or room key.Passport can pick up tomorrow, and that's fine.The bus tour guide to tell in detail about the services of the hotel and order settlement.

lived in a room, you have to find your own restaurant, to learn the hotel grounds.There will be an introductory meeting with the guide, on it you will learn about the order of your departure from the hotel, as well as offering guided tour, learn how to operate stores, how to call a doctor, and so on.

Each hotel has its own particular time, when the day of departure you must vacate your room.Packs, take them themselves or their assigns a porter in a special room at the reception gave the keys to the rooms if necessary pay premium amenities and the time that you have left before the back transfer, you will eat and enjoy the services of a hotel.

At a certain time for you to come shuttle bus that will take to the airport, where you will walk again, all the required formalities and go home already.

you are familiar with what should be your action, the first time you find yourself abroad, we hope that this quick guide will help you feel confident away from home.