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Hot holiday in the September-November

So, where you can go in a month that many travel agencies are called unfortunate month for travel.In November, a trip to many exotic countries is much cheaper than in the summer.For example, you can fly to Mauritania or Cuba.And if you want even more exotic, then you can choose to Mali.For November - this is the most opportune time for exploring the Sahara.

In November, Muslims from around the world make the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina.It is worth a look.You can also visit India.After all, at this time there is no extreme heat and lack of air.And we can delight to visit all the mysterious and interesting places of this country.And as a plus is that the water in the ocean is still heated, and you can easily take a swim.

Another good option - it is the United States.In California and Philadelphia can be a good tan.And for trips to the country in November - this is a very opportune time.

In November open season ski resorts.In European countries such resorts combine excellent ecology and a pretty good

level of service.No need to miss an opportunity to strengthen their health.Finland, France, Spain and Austria, Norway and Switzerland - the country will be waiting for you in November.Just ski recreation are present in countries such as Turkey and New Zealand.In Russia, too many places where you can relax.It Elbrus in the Caucasus, Dombay in Karachay-Cherkessia, Hibiny in the Murmansk region.

If you want to warm countries, you can choose from European Greece, Italy or Spain.In November, there is quite warm weather, it's time to ride through the beautiful and interesting city.As well as the price at this time, much lower summer.

If you plan to relax for a few days and you want to warm weather and the sun, the rain and wind, the ideal option would be Egypt.Sea, sun, beautiful views, excellent service, a small number of tourists and relatively low prices.And find a good start in Egypt will be much easier than in other countries.

for seaside holidays are also suitable such countries as Portugal, Thailand, and the Canary Islands, where you can diversify your journey visiting tours.

If on vacation you took about two weeks, then you can make it more interesting, and the emphasis is on exotic destinations.

Here the best option - it's Arab Emirates, famous for its hotels, which are located 100 meters from the beach.The country has a large network of hotels is the highest class and lower class.Some prohibited the consumption of alcoholic beverages, but thanks to this there is a good service and low prices.Therefore, should choose according to their financial capabilities and desires.Only in the United Arab Emirates can be seen on the streets of the sheikh.Who loves to shop - this country is for you.After all, at an affordable price you can buy exclusive models and brands of the famous European manufacturers, jewelery, souvenirs for family and friends, and much more.

You can also relax on the Chinese resort where you can enroll in the course and spa-treatments to improve your health.An ideal place for this purpose.

should pay attention to a country like Vietnam.They do not have any hands-free advertising, but the quality of the service area and held at a high level.Vietnam for those travelers who prefer active holidays.After the trip, you will have unforgettable impressions, because just walking around town, you can see a lot of beautiful, amazing and unusual things.Therefore, you need to go to Vietnam for two weeks, otherwise, you will not have time to see it all.

Now you know how you can arrange a warm vacation in September to November and enjoy the sun in spite of the fall months.

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