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How to spend an active holiday in Moscow?

Every day, doing routine work, when faced with problems and stress, we can neither ignore how our performance decreases, mood and health is deteriorating.We come home tired, irritable, and often because of this we are spoiled watching TV and eating food to numb the soul growing anxiety and stress, you can choose a more positive and rewarding way to spend time.Leisure activities include a plurality of classes, so you are sure to choose for themselves what they like.There are extreme forms of recreation, such as skydiving, mountain climbing, auto and motorcycle racing, white water rafting.

But if you're not so brave and desperate prefer less dangerous forms of recreation, you'll like roller skating, cycling, water-skiing.And for those who like a relatively quiet holiday vacation in the fresh, fit completely safe in compliance with all the rules of horse riding, jogging, swimming and hunting.Even fishing, tennis and golf can be attributed to the active form of leisure.If you have the desire, which support

s amicable and cheerful company, you can always get to the paintball as an alternative leisure.

Paintball allows you to reset the negative, to warm up and get the most positive emotions and good mood!

There is also still a form of recreation as a sports tourism, which in turn includes a plurality of active forms of recreation, such as horseback, bicycle, car, mototouristik.Many clubs are now offering their services on the organization of sports tourism.If you have left just a couple of days, you can choose hiking weekend.

But you can organize themselves independently and sports tourism.Yes, even walking around the city, parks and suburbs in unfamiliar place for you - it's also a kind of sport tourism and certainly the active form of relaxation.If your city or near the city there is a pond, then surely there is provided a service to boating and catamarans.You can use this type of recreation, either alone or in the company of 2-4 people.Boating - this exercise, and the opportunity to enjoy nature.But this kind of holiday is not suitable for the winter season.

How to rest in the winter?Winter Activities include skiing, skating, snowboarding and even sleigh.Remember how much fun you get a kid flying on a sled or ledyankah down the snowy mountains!Why do not you remember your childhood, and not to play with friends and family in the snow?You can even build a snow fort.And to find a skating rink near the house no problem!In recent years it has become increasingly popular type of outdoor activities.And not necessarily have the skates, because almost all the rollers offer them for rent.In general, any holiday that involves a little bit of movement and preferably takes place in the open air, is fine, as long as you enjoy it!Everyone knows that during exercise produces the hormone of happiness - endorphin.What else do we need in life?Excellent mood that you will rise in front of the sight of a great figure, which was the result of your active vacation!You will spend time in the fresh air, get not only an incomparable emotion and pleasure, but also a charge of vivacity and health benefits!Now you know how to spend an active holiday in Moscow or any other city in our country!

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