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This is just basic precautions tourists on holiday

Preparing for flight

Scientists believe that the change of two or three time zones to the body is already stressed.He lives by its internal clock and is not ready to lengthen or shorten wakefulness.A long flight at an altitude of 10 kilometers - another stress.The atmospheric pressure in the plane - in the mountains at an altitude of 2000 meters.Oxygen is thin, the noise in the ears, nausea, and somnolence.The body tries to understand what is happening.Unfortunately, after the flight of a person for a few days can feel overwhelmed.To avoid this the best you can, if you start ready to fly for 4-5 days.Follow our advice - this is basic precautions.

1. Drink vitamins.Athletes and people who fly frequently on duty, using adaptogens drugs in tablets and tinctures.Their action is based on the fact that a balanced vitamin-mineral-th complex support and adaptive immune system functions.Adaptogens can replace conventional multivitamins.They need to take a week before departure and another week on arrival in

another country.

2. Go to bed earlier.A couple of weeks before departure, start to adapt to the new regime.Flight to the West, when the day is increasing, is transferred more easily than in the East.Going to the east of the country, try

go to bed at least an hour earlier than usual.This is especially true "owls".

3. Start the diet for 4 days prior to departure, it helps to easily adapt.The 1st day you can eat as you want, in the 2nd - moderate, 3 minutes - again satisfying, but on the 4th - again restrained.In flight, it will be easier.

4. Get vaccinated.Even countries such as Austria and Switzerland, pose a danger to tourists on holiday.In the summer there are many Tick-borne Encephalitis.In Asia, the Middle East and South America to be afraid of the yellow fever, hepatitis A and B. In Africa - malaria, typhoid, tetanus.And because the immune system produces long, the vaccinations are 3-4 weeks before travel.

5. Assemble a first aid kit.Even if you are completely healthy people from unfamiliar water, unwashed vegetables, very active sun can cause problems.Be sure to bring your creams from sunburn and insect repellent ointment (if you go into the woods or in the mountains).

6. Take the flying inflatable pillow: it helps to rest comfortably during the flight.

In air

Ā«economy class syndrome" - the so-called problem of the long flight home.This syndrome is associated with the so-called lower limb venous thrombosis.Simply put, his legs swollen and sore.

7. Periodically, walk around the cabin.A sitting do simple exercises: pull and lift your toes.Or as much as possible by pulling the toes, try to pick them up at the same time pressing his hands on his hips.

8. Take off your shoes.Walking through the cabin better in single socks.Many airlines give their flight.But it is better to take with them from home.

9. Drink plenty of water.The best drink - mineral water.Alcohol ambiguous attitude.Someone 50 grams of brandy to calm down and lull, and someone on the contrary, cheer.But no harm 100-150 grams of dry red wine.Firstly, it will reduce the effects of radiation, and secondly, to enrich body with the necessary selenium and vitamins A and C.

10. Eat moderately in flight.Prefer vegetarian dishes.Overeating - it is only the way to a deterioration in the general condition.

11. Turn the clock to another time in the flight.So you prefer to navigate in sleep and wakefulness.It is desirable to last a couple of hours without sleep.Otherwise, upon arrival you will feel overwhelmed.

orientation in the terrain

more exotic country, the more likely that the local water and food can backfire.Do not focus on this issue (otherwise it will cause a return, already the psychological effect), but be careful with the local food and drinks, it is only to try - not to sweep away from the table with all that it is.

12. Do not drink the tap water in a foreign country!Even if you're staying in 5-star hotel.And do not brush her teeth.In eastern countries drink bottled water only.Do not buy anything from the stalls!The outdoor restaurants, even at 30-degree heat did not take drinks with ice!The ice cubes are usually made from tap water.Remember that the main problem with the rest of the Europeans in the eastern countries - diarrhea and other intestinal infections.

13. Do not lean on a buffet.The problem is that even the most innocuous products if mixed normal and eat more, may cause a lot of unpleasant consequences.Therefore, even if the abundance of dishes still try to choose the one or two snacks and one hot dish and not to impose a single plate of fish, meat, seafood and salads.Breakfast Buffet from you will not run away and even have time to get bored, and the figure and the stomach will be thankful.

14. In the early days of rest works well generally "untill ...".Better nedoest, nedokupatsya, the hinge than the "re".After the beginning of the holiday and already it is often marred by sickness and fatigue from travel.

15. Exotic beaches pose a lot of "surprises".For example, on the east coast are found sand fleas.They bite your feet and cause intense itching (rubbing alcohol helps).The water caught the jellyfish stinging, prickly sea urchins and fish.Better to find out more about the local fauna still at home, or at least listen to the warnings in a hotel guide.

Following these basic precautions only tourists on vacation, you protect yourself from a lot of trouble and be able to relax and really relax.Happy holiday to you!

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