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Relax on the May Day celebrations in Ukraine

How to choose the SPA for a trip?

analyze all proposals.Want to relax?Worth a package of anti-stress treatments.Postroynet?Go to the SPA-center offering slimming treatments.

See photos resorts.Choose the one that perfectly matches your needs.If you like solitude, does not consider the proposal of large hotels.

Pay attention to the location of the SPA.Most of them are located in geographically attractive locations (mountains, sea, lakes).With this you can combine vacation with skiing, cycling or kayaking.

Find out how to get there.On the weekend is better to choose SPA, located near the house.If you send to the other side of Ukraine, change cars on the train.

How to plan all the details for rest during the May holidays in Ukraine?

clarity of purpose.Do you want to relax, improve your health, be transformed.Maybe ask for a more active weekend?

determine how much money you can spend on the trip.It depends on this choice of appropriate SPA-center and the proposed procedures.

Decide how much time yo

u are located!It may be that in the way you spend more time than on holiday.

Before leaving on vacation solve, what to bring.Swimsuit handy for the pool, hot tub, for a number of procedures may need gloves and hat.

With whom to go?

With a guy.A good excuse to spend a romantic weekend (you can choose the package of treatments for two).

C girlfriend.Agreed upon in advance as possible, and the purpose of your trip: weight loss, relaxation, leisure.

with children.Be sure to find out whether there is a pleasure playground and other entertainment for children and whether to ask for an additional cot in the room.

Pros trip to the SPA-Resort:

- full access to swimming pool and sauna;

- wide range of treatments, even the most exotic;

- complete relaxation away from the daily hustle and bustle.

For some reason you can not afford to leave?Nothing wrong!Who in your town and a wide selection of SPA-centers for every taste.

How to choose the best SPA for yourself?

Ideal - if the SPA-center is located next to the house: if you are not wasting time, and relax and rejuvenate.It would be a pity to spoil the good mood, standing in a traffic jam or getting on a crowded bus.

Choose the procedure for your holiday that you like the most.If you work hard and you feel tired, you're perfect massage (recommend one of the exotic).

If you have at your disposal all day, choose a place where there is a sauna and steam bath.Because of this you will be able to relax between treatments.

Who to?

One.It may be time just for you.Thanks to a pleasant beauty treatments, new manicure and pedicure you will feel more attractive and evening proizvedesh unforgettable impression on her man.

With a guy.You ideal package procedures rest on the May Day celebrations in Ukraine for two.From the wide arsenal of SPA-procedures, you can select those in which you are involved with (held in one room) or individual procedures for you and your partner (in this case the procedures are in parallel in different rooms, and the pair is found only in between them orat the end - in the room for relaxation).

with friends.Local SPA-center - great for parties birthday, hen parties.You can select special programs for a large number of people, or make your own schedule procedures.If you prefer the second option, schedule it as early as possible, as in this case, your options will be more limited.

What should choose to SPA-weekend in the city for a holiday?

Dermatologic treatments, after which remains on the skin redness or irritation.Near the house you will feel comfortable.

Barber and manicure: SPA-center can replace a visit to a beauty salon.

After a relaxing massage you can look tired.A new hairstyle will give you confidence.

Pros SPA-weekend in the city:

- relaxation in the center of the city;

- a large range of treatments;

- time-saving;

- in the cabin you can prepare, for example, to the party.

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