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The most common myths about the dangers of mobile phones

Myth 1. Mikrovolnovkadlya brain

Many fear that the electromagnetic field izluchaemoemobilnymi phones negative impact on our health.It is clear that otnego can not escape.After all, if it is not, then the mobile telefonyperestanut work.But is it really so harmful electromagnetic radiation?

should start with the fact that scientists still have not found an answer on etotvopros.Although research on the subject was very much.Nekotoryespetsialisty tried to prove that radiation phone while razgovorasozdaet effect for our brain and stimulates the growth of microwave opuholey.Drugie also refute that theory.In 2001, Britain was zapuschenaProgramma on the safe use of mobile communications.A few years nazadbyli the first results.As it turns out, scientists have not vyyavilisuschestvennyh differences in the incidence of tumors in people kotoryepolzovalis phone and those who did not use them.There is a possibility that such a term is very small for such observations.To come to razumnymvyvodam need at least

10-15 years.Therefore, the study will continue.

Myth 2. Insomnia

Many scientists believe that the phone is kbessonnitse results.Our body is very sensitive to weak radiation to kotorymotnosyatsya and the frequency at which the phone is in standby mode.Krometogo, Belgian experts say that students who sleep with svoimitelefonami, very tired by the end of the school year.But even this utverzhdeniyammozhno find a reasonable explanation.Children write at night sms each other, and do not get enough sleep potompoprostu.Adults, too, is concerned.Ignorirovatbioritmy can not, as it will lead to insomnia.As for the radiation - prostone put the mobile on the pillow or on the bed beside him.

Myth 3. Pain kontsetonnelya

Many discouraged "tunnel syndrome", which is due to the active mozhetrazvitsya typing SMS.Endless exchange soobscheniyamivoshel in our habit.Because of the frequent large-busting mobile keys paltsempravoy hands the blood vessels or nerves are compressed in tight channels mezhdusuhozhiliyami, ligaments, muscles, and bones.From this hands start to hurt, apaltsy numb.Disturbed sensitivity.All this is the tunnel syndrome.

But if you do not actively communicate via SMS, you Needless to fear this disease.Besides, some people are not predisposed prostogeneticheski thereto.More to fear tenosynovitis -vospaleniya finger tendons.But the disease is not so bad, after all egomozhno cure inflammatory ointments, salt baths, physiotherapy.

Another disease that lurks lyubiteleypechatat SMS - "writer's cramp".This is a complex neuro-vegetative psihicheskoezabolevanie in which fingers zamirayutv same position and does not want to listen.It occurs most often in teenagers and people with unstable mentality.

Myth 4. Uhudshaetsyapamyat

It is believed that the frequent use of mobilnogotelefona not the best way affects our memory.And etodeystvitelno true.After all, today the phone can perform many functions, phonebook, calculator, organizer and so on.We can all nuzhnuyuinformatsiyu save to your phone, not bothering to remember.But our brains neobhodimovse time to train, otherwise memory will deteriorate.

even read a book in electronic form not rekomenduetsya.Ved in this way to read all the time we'll be distracted by trivia iprochie posts.This prevents the focus.As a result, suffer intelligence.Takchto try to train your memory more often: telefonnoyknigi memorize numbers, passwords, and important dates.

Myth 5.Psihologicheskaya dependence

scientists began to worry that phones cause bolshuyupsihologicheskuyu dependency.We are so attached to their smartphones that nemozhem part with them for a minute.And when they do not is beside mynachinaem nervous and worry.As a result, the whole life of a person comes kozhidaniyam call.The result could even develop paranoia: human budetkazatsya that phone rings, when in fact it is not.And the most dangerous-that the problem lies not in the phone and its owner.After such yavleniyamogut indicate serious psychological problems.For call waiting mozhetskryvatsya fear of loneliness, loss of friends, colleagues or work and so dalee.Mobilny only shows negative experiences, making them more visible.

Myth 6. Danger dlyamuzhchin

Hungarian researchers are inclined to the idea that umuzhchin who actively use mobile devices, changing sostavspermy: sperm cells decrease in size.And not necessarily for etogochasami you are talking on the phone, enough to carry it in his trouser pocket.

Theoretically, of course, possible and this option.After all telefonavydelyaetsya heat, which is not very good for the prohladolyubivyhspermatozoidov.But surely you can not argue that this view is true.Veddazhe in healthy men may have problems with sperm raznymprichinam.

Myth 7. What about the children?

Modern kids grow up and try to match the etomumiru.Even from an early age they begin asking parents mobile phone aroditeli buy.After all, since they can always know where their child ismogut control it.But while some are wondering: eslimobilny phone harmful to adults, how children?

Italian researchers conducted a study in which bylodokazano that 37% of Italian children are already suffering the phone addiction.Suddenly, countries the situation is almost the same.Children from an early age has taught chtotelefon - irreplaceable thing in their lives.They begin to talk long on it, share with friends, sms, photos.And all this at a minimum impact navnimatelnosti and intelligence.

But whatever it was, you need to keep in mind that negativnoevozdeystvie mobile phones on our body are not fully understood.Poetomustoit is to protect young children from using them.And adults nepomeshaet to reconsider their views on the importance of mobile.Perhaps stoitbolshe time on live communication, rather than communication over the phone.Even eslivreda from it will not be, and the benefits too.Before you a lifetime with raznymivozmozhnostyami to be used.

Think about the fact that memory problems, insomnia, infertility and other ailments associated not only with mobilnyhustroystv, but also our way of life.Therefore it is necessary to do its correction -more move, fully enough sleep, rest, avoid stress, exercise, and you will be healthy.

And note - many experts recommend the use of vremyarazgovora bluetooth.Thanks to him, you can limit yourself otvozdeystviya electromagnetic field emitted by the phone.

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