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How to treat obstructive bronchitis folk remedies

vdannom article focuses on how to recover from obstructive bronhitanarodnymi means.But in any case, be sure to visit a doctor who will confirm your diagnosis and prescribe their own treatment.If zabolevaniezapuscheno sometimes inadequate treatment of folk remedies can prigoditsyaantibiotiki.

Sredstvanarodnoy medicine for the treatment of obstructive bronchitis

Lechenies using medication is not always a good impact on organizme.Eto put a strain on the heart, kidneys, liver, and other body systems.Votpochemu many people resort to the treatment of folk remedies.But in any sluchaevsegda should take precautions.Be sure to consult a doctor iutochnite their diagnosis.Then consult a doctor for you povoduvybrannyh treatments.It was only after the approval to start treatment.

Nazametku : be sure to follow the proportions of all the components, as well as zapravilnostyu preparation chosen for the treatment.Very vazhnostrogo follow the treatment regimen.Incorrect dosage or the wrong priempreparata ca

n not give any results.

onion saharnayasmes

Ssamyh the first days of the disease is recommended to start receiving otharkivayuschegosredstva.It is not necessary to run to the pharmacy for him.It is possible to prepare doma.Dlya its preparation you will need four tablespoons lime honey, sugar, two onions and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.Lukochistite and within two hours cook it.Then the cooked onions propustitecherez grinder, mash with honey and sugar, add the vinegar, vsesmeshayte thoroughly until smooth.

Poluchivsheesyasredstvo must be taken every hour on a teaspoon.After a day vamstanet better and coughing decreases.A full course of treatment should last meneepyati days, even if symptoms disappear, or cough mozhetvernutsya.

infusion of mandarin

esliv taste of onions do not like, we offer you another, more delicious recipe otkashlya.To prepare it, take 50 grams of dried tangerine peel, izmelchiteee and pour a liter of water.Then boil for an hour to peel medlennomogne.Once the infusion is cooked, remove it from the heat, add to it another 50 gsuhoy chopped tangerine peel and let it brew for dvuhchasov.After this infusion pour into a glass container and store vholodilnike.

Prinimatdannoe medicine must be as follows: immediately after waking vypeytepyat tablespoons of the infusion.Then, each hour drink one spoon menshe.Posle make this a two-hour break and start drinking the medicine in obratnomporyadke - first spoonful, then two and so on.The course of treatment dolzhendlitsya from three to five days, and relief should come within paruchasov.

Honey and viburnum

Eslikashel strong and does not stop, then try to get rid of him with pomoschyukaliny and honey.For the preparation of medicines, take 200 grams of fruit viburnum, add to it 200 g of honey and pour 100 grams of water.On low heat bring dokipeniya and then simmer until all the liquid has evaporated.Pour vsteklyannuyu dishes.

Bolnoydolzhen every hour to eat a tablespoon of the mixture obtained.Within poldnyadolzhno come relief.However, the treatment should last at least three days.Navtoroy day medicine can be taken every three hours.Otherwise mozhetvernutsya cough again.The tool is very effective, but if the patient netallergii honey.

Infusion buckwheat

Eslikashel not strong, then get rid of it, you can try tea from tsvetkovgrechihi.For this brew in a thermos 40 grams of dried flowers of buckwheat, ihlitrom pour boiling water and leave for two hours.Then strain the tea, and during the day the patient must drink all the broth.

Lechitsyapodobnym means you can not have more than one day.Since buckwheat okazyvaetsereznuyu load on the urinary system and the kidneys.So if vasest kidney problems or bladder infusion grechihi.Podberite then use another way to treat coughs.

Carrot juice ilibrusnichny

Mozhnolechitsya cough and simple juice.For example, cranberry or carrot.Retseptprigotovleniya very simple: Take one tablespoon of any juice and stir meda.Vse and drink every hour.Treatment should last at least three days.

decoction of sage

Prisilnom cough, try to prepare a decoction of sage.Three tablespoons shalfeyazaleyte liter of milk and bring to a boil.Then simmer the broth has simmered minutpyatnadtsat.Once remove from heat, infuse otvaruneobhodimo another hour.Once the specified time will be held to otvarudobavte three tablespoons of honey and mix everything carefully.Every hour bolnoydolzhen to drink half a cup of this tool.Cough pass ochenbystro.By the way, a decoction of sage good fights with the temperature.

Otharkivayuschiytravyanoy collection

Eslimokrota departs when coughing badly, then cook the next infusion.Take poodnoy teaspoon mother and stepmother, sweet dill, fennel, sage and grass alteya.Vse stir, pour into a thermos and pour a liter of boiling water.Ostavtenastaivatsya the tool for two hours.Then strain the infusion to program and to add to it a couple of box of honey.The patient should take sredstvotri times a day for half a cup.The course of treatment - five days.


Eschenashi grandmother treated bronchitis radish.It is very effective.Take redkusrednego size, cut her heart, pour the honey or sugar ipostavte in the refrigerator overnight.The resulting juice is taken three times a dayAt one tablespoon.

Bananas and figs

Eslikashel not very strong, you can try to get rid of him pomoschyubananov and figs.To do this, take a few ripe bananas, preferably myagkihi make of them mashed.The resulting puree to pour hot water, add sugar, and eaten warm.

Esliest figs, it can be boiled in milk over low heat.Once molokozakipit, cool it a bit and drink the broth and eat figs.

Cabbage juice

Svezhiykapustny juice with sugar is used as an expectorant for coughs hoarseness.Instead of sugar, use honey better.Such means neobhodimoprinimat 3-4 times a day one teaspoon.

Naruzhnyesredstva treatment

Obstruktivnyybronhit can be treated in other ways.For example, by rubbing back and grudinaturalnym fat.It is very good for coughs.You just need to snomnateret patient warm wrap and hide it.Then dolzhenbespokoit cough all night.

vdannom article were told the most common treatments bronhita.Sredi them you should be able to find a tool that will suit you luchshevsego.