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Shower instead of a masseur: where to pour water

a long vremengidroterapiya used dlyaprofilaktiki and treatment of many bolezney.No not worth zanimatsyasamolecheniem some diseases without Sovetova consulting a doctor.However, you mozheteispolzovat healing power of water as a tool that will quench the pain, uplifting and ukreplyatimmunitet.In addition, vashaezhednevnaya hygienic procedure can easily turn into a medical procedure that can ukrepitvashe health and give you good health.To achieve horoshegorezultata need quite a bit - a special massage head and horoshayatemperatura water.No need bolsheprosit home make you a massage!

Therapeutic shower

flow of water irritates the nerve endings that are vkozhe.After that all the systems and organyorganizma begin to respond to these stimuli.So you no harm, and organizmpravilno and spoke positively on water procedures necessary vybrathoroshy temperature.Cool (20 to 33 degrees) or cold (up to + 20 degrees) need to take a shower, in order to normalize metabolism, strengthen the immune system and some ner

vous system disorders.Moreover, if in the morning to make takuyubodryaschuyu procedure, you can bystroprosnutsya, refresh and raise the tone.

While receiving a cold shower, and it should last for a small two minutes, make sure that your skin kakreagiruet.Initially, the vessels are narrowed, the skin becomes cold iblednaya.Then, the vessels begin to expand, blood circulation improves and accelerates the work of the respiratory and vascular systems iserdechno improved atakzhe increases metabolism.Kozharozoveet and warmer.It was at this momentstoit finish to take the process to not hurt yourself and neprostuditsya.If you stradaeterevmatizmom, sciatica, and you have increased nervous irritability, the vamprotivopokazano exposure to cold.

warm water (from +34 to +39 degrees) has a calming effect on the nervous system, moreover, it relieves insomnia.However, for a long time under the shower so it is unnecessary, because you can increase the weakness and fatigue.Of course, a hot shower is able to relax, noesli you have problems with the heart, then beware.

Excellent pomogaetkontrastny souls to fight cellulite, stimulate the body's metabolic processes izakalivaniya.First, start to take a shower with cold water, poslechego five minutes let the hot water.So, repeat three times and zakonchiteprotseduru on the cold water, then rub the body with a towel.


Instead of the classic acupressure can safely delatgidromassazh.But how do takuyuprotseduru at home? Initially, you need to buy a special shower head with pomoschyukotoroy you can regulate the flow of water, ie create several vidovstrui:

  1. Mono - is a powerful stream of water from the middle of the nozzle kotoroypodaetsya and excellent for hydromassage.
  2. massage system - narrow and powerful streams, kotoryeregulyarno appear periods.
  3. Soft - some big broad stream that can be crossed with each other and also well suited for hydro.
  4. Normal-Slim streams, which are fed from the entire surface of the nozzle, godyatsyadlya daily shower.

Whirlpool recommended fasting.If you ate something vodnyeprotsedury do only half an hour.Firming hydro gives strength itoniziruet.Direct the flow of cold (about 20 degrees) of water in the body and keep opredelennuyuchast so half a minute.Prezhdechem go to bed make a soothing hydromassage.If you decide to take a warm (about + 38gradusov) shower, then send monostruyu to the desired point and hold takminuty 2-3.

Remember, if you have any problems with rabotoyserdechno circulatory system, before making hydro go to the doctor and ask negosovet.


If you suffer from headaches, insomnia, dizziness, togdanapravlyayte jet at the base of the skull.Imennozdes collected flow line energii.Napravlyayte to warm and soft monostruyu.This will put you at ease, uluchshitkrovoobraschenie and relieve pain.

For pains in the stomach iobschey weakness hydro needs to be done by directing a jet in the solnechnoespletenie.Thanks teploymonostrue you can remove vospalenieslizistoy stomach, get rid of constipation and diarrhea.Cool massaging water flow eliminates dizziness, ukreplyaetimmunnuyu system and invigorates.

If you want to get rid of the pain associated with menstruation, allergies and pain vsustavah, while special attention should be paid to preen hydromassage zone.Szhataya warm stream especially effektivna.Nasadku soul aim at the coccyx and keep well for two or three minutes.Blagodaryatakomu hydromassage you can not tolkoizbavitsya pain, but also to relax.

For colds and nosebleeds nuzhnovozdeystvovat in the zone between brovyami.Gidromassazh worth spending a warm monostruey.This will give you the opportunity to ostanovitkrovotechenie nose, remove the pain of any origin and protection otnachinayuscheysya cold.However, you can not work on this area beremennymzhenschinam.

If you suffer from neuralgia, throbbing pain togdanapravte compressed warm stream on foot, and on the side where you estboli.

If you are concerned about the pain in his back and neck, then warm potokvody of the shower head can all help, especially after a long working day sitting.Massage also helps prizatrudneniyah breathing during asthma and bronchitis.

If you feel unwell (headaches, poor sleep) vozdeystvovatneobhodimo warm monostruey on his head.This is especially helpful for those people who are sensitive to izmeneniyampogody.

And it pomozhetpri trouble concentrating and headaches.

Poor proceeds premenstrual syndrome?Again, pay attention to the tailbone.Let warm to monostruyu coccygeal zone, it will help you from painful oschuscheniyv breast and eliminate the dizziness before menstruation.

defeated excitement, chills, and restless sleep?Silnyyperemenny stream of warm water Direct collar area.

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