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Shiatsu - a recipe of your youth

shiatsu massage (also called acupressure) since ancient times been used as a recreational and lechebnoymetodiki.Now, however, women are checked for myself that prinadavlivanii specific points on the face mozhnodostich wonderful cosmetic effect: disorder ipredupredit emergence of new wrinkles making the face oval clearer.

In the East, shiatsu massage is very popular - there had long been recognized traditsionnoymeditsinoy.When Westerners stranuznali about this technique, the word "shiatsu" (translated as pressing B and atsu - as a finger) is slightly changed, chtobyevropeytsam was easier to pronounce, and the letter "s" replaced with "sh": shiatsu.But now, no one knows what the country is still "created" this massazh.V China opened acupressure for rehabilitation and treatment mnogihbolezney, after which he moved and the country of the rising sun.That's where this technique began to apply vkachestve cosmetic procedure.Moreover, in Japan, women begin to svoyden such ritual beauty.

What sekreteffektivnosti?

However, like any other type of massage, shiatsu improves circulation.As a result - the cells are saturated with oxygen, the skin is rejuvenated, increased muscle tone, the skin takes on former firmness and elasticity.However, the main secret of shiatsu - point impact.Tsubo, or dots are arranged in the joints between the muscles, bones in depressions in areas artery gdeproschupyvaetsya pulse and tendons.Clicking a certain point starts to activate the body or body part, distant but svyazannayas this point.

Step by step

from the first lesson to learn this massage nobody has udavalos.Da and should not do this because you can get lost.

  1. Start Sodnam problem areas for you to explore and gradually point.
  2. is very important in this technique have pozitivnyynastroy.It is necessary in these moments massazhaprevratit domestic small relaxation sessions.Remember that this procedure should be carried out in rasslablennomsostoyanii you not in a hurry, the TV should be turned off, and the room should not be postoronnihlyudey and noise.Retire, light vostochnyeblagovoniya or aromatic lamp, turn off the overhead light, can postavitpriyatnuyu unobtrusive music.
  3. Prinadavlivanii focus on point and imagine how your morschinyrazglazhivayutsya, the skin becomes young, supple and smooth.Within a month of daily treatments you uviditepotryasayuschy result.

There is a Chinese legend about a peasant kotoryystradal from constant headaches.And one day, when he worked Napoli accidentally struck his kneecap and noticed that the head bolischezla.Thus was born acupressure.

Hit the point

point is easy to find - almost all of them are in the "pits" - small depressions that are easy to probe under the skin.

for several seconds at the push tochkibezymyannymi or middle fingers.If you are at the same time feel a slight pain iliteplo, it means doing everything pravilno.Odnako worth considering that during a massage should not be boleznennyhoschuscheny, so expect to effect nazhatiya.Vse points, but 3, 10, 11 and 13 - pair, so located obestoronyface.Obrabatyvatobeimi need their hands: the right - on the right side of the neck and face, and the left - the left.

Lips - gentle smile

area around the mouth is a problem because there is an expressive imorschiny nasolabial fold.You can win both.

However zaschititsebya best of their appearance.For profilaktikimorschinok near the mouth, and to fight the existing, press Natochka 9 and 10. Point 9 located on both sides of the lips, and the point 10 napodborodke.After clicking tochku10 you need to massage the mouth oblastvokrug index or middle finger, and it should be done by podborodkak corners of her mouth.During massazhasledite to the skin under your fingers are not stretched.Just gently touch pads kkozhe.

Eyes - remove "crow ''s feet

around the hole there is a very fragile and delicate skin, so it is especially important to take care of her youth and elasticity.

shiatsu massage can delay the onset and reduce eye morschinokvozle existing "crow ''s feet.We perform this procedure every day.

kzerkalu Come and relax your facial muscles.Mozhetepredvaritelno put on the face, or wheat germ oil grape kostochek- this will help increase the synthesis of collagen and keep the skin elasticity, more togopaltsy will slide smoothly.Nazhimaytena point in turn.Paltsyna Hold each point for 10-15 minutes.Chtobypravilno find a point 5, perform conditional two lines: one from the wing of the nose aside privately, and the second from the middle of the pupil in parallel nose.So you've found tochku5.After pressing and holding, a little massage your face, with your fingers to arrange a fan and skolziteot this point to the ears - make ten such movements.

Neck - do upruguyukozhu

Eslihotite have the same beautiful neck, like Nefertiti, make a massazhezhednevno.

Nayditetochku 11 - it is at the bottom on the back of the head, the middle fossa under the average linieyzatylochnoy bone, and push it to the neck was smooth and taut.Clicking on that point, massazhnymidvizheniyami spend from it to the earlobe, then move on to the middle of the clavicle skulyvniz.After etogonaydite point 12 - it is located on the side of the neck where the pulse can be felt itochku 13, which is located at the bottom of the neck where the collar bone are reduced - there you smozheteuvidet recess.After that, do neck massage to the chin with both hands.

forehead - enough to frown!

esliv noticed on her forehead horizontal wrinkles, do not rush to resort to methods pomoschisovremennyh - beauty injections and other procedures can wait!

Many people have the habit - knit his brow, and she, unfortunately, does not go unnoticed: aktivnoymimike because we appear premature wrinkles.Accustom to keep the person in rasslablennomvide without grimacing.Postaraytesglyadya in the mirror and you can talk to notice what sites kozhisleduet pay more attention to - what muscles are moving the most.Or zhepriuchites put on the forehead palm - so you can protect it from lishnihdvizheny.Pre apply there nutritious, low-fat but no, relax, and push the point 6. It is in the middle of the forehead, if a parallel from the middle of the eyebrows - the one and the other.Pomassiruytelob anonymous, middle and index fingers.Point 7 is located near the temple.Then do some volnoobraznyhdvizheny to the ears and then behind the ears idvigaytes down.Now it vremyatochki 8 - it is located just above the 7, and then massage the forehead.

Did you know that ...

Shiatsu massage able to maintain organizmepolozhitelnuyu energy.Thanks to a smooth pressing relieves nervous disorders, stress, normal emotional state comes relaxation and uluchshaetsyason.During the massage, try to chase away all bad thoughts, do not think, and attend to problems of your face beautiful and young.