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Health Calendar: April, May, June, July

April Often characterized by the transition to daylight saving time ikolebaniyami weather.It was in April, when the immune system is weakened, sick easier, because viruses and "stick" knam.Spend more time in the sun, take medical vamnuzhno sunbathing, start eating the greens and make a daily routine, you budetepriderzhivatsya.

Visit a dermatologist: indicator of your state of health InApril - condition of the hair and skin.If you are plagued by some problems, especially for tovrach select vaskompleks vitamin preparations.Again, if there are no contraindications, go to the solarium, or "tan" under the quartz lamp.

Eat more salads!

in fresh greens a lot of vitamins and mineralnyhveschestv.It perfectly improves sostoyaniekrovi, normalizes metabolism, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, vyvoditlishnie salt and cholesterol from the body.Aw April is what we need!

Start ochischatlimfu: better to do it under medical supervision.This will help the healing infusions of honey, nettle, fir, and ra

spberry powder.So vyvosstanovite elasticity of blood vessels and bring toxins that were saved throughout the winter.

otpollinoza If you have, then you need the recommendation of an allergist, but he smozhetpodobrat for you antihistamines.Remember that during tsveteniyaimmunoterapiya not carried out.

compensate for the lack yoda.Eshte mussels, nuts, fish, morskuyukapustu, liver, shrimp, and the food when cooking add yodirovannuyusol.

Remember that daylight saving time should not vyzyvatstress the organism.You have to do everything to harm from this was a minimum: bedtime breathe fresh air in the morning, take a contrast shower and do exercises for ten minutes, go to bed an hour earlier.

Tender May

Well, that's already nastupilonastoyaschee warm May weather but can be very deceptive.Be carefull!Of course, many of us feel the warmth inachinayut dress for summer, but remember that cooling the body mozhnopodhvatit adnexitis and long prostudu.Soglasno statistics dolgoeprebyvanie the spring draft or working in the garden, as a rule, leads to a radiculitis.

are examined in terapevta.Seychas you need to figure out your sostoyaniezdorovya as a whole - to pass a urine test and krovi.Vozmozhno, the doctor will send you to the survey, so no upryamtes - certainly it go.

sostoyanievashego therapist will assess health and advise how best to spend the summer, much better poehatotdohnut and where to go is not worth it.Takzhenuzhno back pass control study of thyroid hormones igormonalnogo background.Before the summer puteshestviemeto necessary: ​​you need to know how much time you can stay in the sun, where the best pootdyhat summer (forest, sea, mountains and so on).

iligastroenterologa Visit the nutritionist.The specialist will be able to datvam individual recommendations, which will give opportunity to defend themselves otsezonnogo exacerbation of various diseases, moreover, you can well sebyachuvstvovat while traveling and pereezdov.Esli you are overweight, then the specialist will be able to choose for you podhodyaschuyudietu.

Make US vessels, and go to a vascular surgeon.Even if your blood vessels in order provediteprofilaktiku varicose veins: do not wear tight clothing, constantly train leg muscles, avoid overexertion.

Before you go on a trip, obnoviteaptechku.There must be a means otboli throat, cough, cream against contusions and bruises, mosquitoes and zheludochnyepreparaty.If you like sunbathing, remember that May sun ochenopasno, so please be means burns and sunscreen.

Prepare to fly - visit a fitness club, a wellness center or the gym to pick up a program.If you do not like such a load zaymitestantsami, they not only help to keep yourself in shape, but also bestow horoshimnastroeniem.

Ah, summer, summer ...

Sea, vacation, beach, sun, holiday romance!Take care of protection against sunburn and profilaktikezabolevany that are transmitted sexually putem.Pomnite that it is very easy to pick up in the summer of intestinal palochku- in season fruits, fresh vegetables and fruits.Also do not forget that the temperature is above + 26 degrees, the more acute cardio-vascular system.

June: beginning of the season

Despite the fact that you leave may be vavguste, in any case, in June you dolzhnybolshe time on recreation, walking outdoors, upotrebleniyufruktov, fresh vegetables and herbs, as well asmake friends with the summer sun.

Vosstanovitetonus muscles, because in front of them waiting for a big load.Keep an active lifestyle, bolshedvigaytes and pick for themselves a special fitness program: pomoschyuezhednevnoy with fast walking, swimming and biking (several times a week) vysmozhete strengthen yourself!

Take analizna TORCH-infection, in order to avoid possible trouble.Do not neglect the rules of domestic and intimnoygigieny, because most of the "female" disease developing in the summer, when the non-compliant with these rules.

If you have a skin as white as cream and you boitessolntsa, go to a dermatologist, so he said, how long you can prinimatsolnechnye bath, and picked up an effective sunscreen.

Visit okulista.Pryamye UV rays can harm your vision iglazam, so you need to know the state of their health and get advice about sunglasses and power for vision.

Start slowly harden the body: June - the best time for it.

Take cool and douches if netzabolevany genitourinary system, take cool baths sit, try cold obtiraniya.Tak you can increase the body's defenses!

Poplar fluff, heat, July ...

July - the peak of solar activity, when we nuzhnomaksimalno relax.Plenty peytepoleznoy liquids (tea, mineral water, juices), relax and take nazametku that heat aggravated cardiovascular disease.

Go to the cardiologist: let the doctor tell you what uvas rate of blood pressure, make an electrocardiogram of the heart.The specialist must datvam recommendations at the expense of how to protect themselves from pressure surges iobostreniya VSD.

Protect against intestinal infections!In summer, when polnosvezhih fruits, berries and vegetables the risk of catching an acute intestinal infektsiyuuvelichivaetsya.If you are going poehatotdohnut of town, be sure to bring a rehydron, chamomile tea, disinfectants against diarrhea, activated carbon.All buy drugs shortly before the trip, and the check the expiration date.

If you have allergies, then beware, because nastupilovremya poplar fluff.Spetsialnyepreparaty assigned to you by the allergist will be able to save you from allergicheskogokonyunktivita and rhinitis.So be sure to go and see your doctor!

Podberitedietu.July - a great excuse to eat nachatpravilno - go nafruktovo-vegetable diet.So you lose weight with the help of physical nagruzoksmozhete body to keep in shape.Letomluchshe not eat sweets and carbs, pay more attention to greenery and salads - this will give you the opportunity to say goodbye to the outputting not only obesity, but also cleanse the body of toxins ishlakov.

If tortured thirst quenches it correctly.Remember that black tea, soft drinks coffee - a friend of thirst, they eeusilivayut.It is better to drink the brew, herbal teas, juices, water, green teas, fruit drinks.Eat liquid food: okroshka, holodnyeborschi.

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