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History: an allergic reaction

1. Adding aspirin and urticaria seen in more allergic reactions.This medicine adds itching and irritation.
is able to do any drug with vitamin C. In medicine, even has a term called allergic triad.So is the state when there is a reaction to acetylsalicylic acid.However, an allergic reaction can not only be expressed as urticaria, and edema Quinta, dyspnea.

2. foundation, powder and concealer.I do not remember.What is not eaten last, but certainly my argotizmov with my choice did not agree.
rash is an allergic reaction and false.The second appears on the background of chronic disease - often inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.For example, if the presence of the disease stomach to eat a kilo of strawberries, the allergic reaction is false.In - the first, from the - for the enumeration of vitamin C. Second, from the - for gastric mucosal injury.

3. There is also an allergic reaction and exercise.Separately
allergy exercise does not happen, but there's asthma by physical exertion.If it is not n

eutralized therapy, discomfort will occur when running, climbing stairs, exercising.

4. Headache of - of what it can be.
In principle, it is possible.The allergen enters the bloodstream and circulates it throughout the argotizmov.It is enough to go to a headache.And if a headache and a runny nose even ascribe edema of the upper respiratory tract - that is, no doubt, an allergy.

Allergies also can appear after taking antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and vitamins.Also, allergies can occur even if you ate a lot of fruit.As an alternative to allergy is your weak spot.

During an exacerbation of allergies should be excluded from the diet of all the red, orange, brown and white products: red apples, carrots, chocolate, honey, citrus fruits, bananas, black tea, coffee, sugar, eggs, etc.

- Go to one year on a separate food.
- Clear argotizmov: activated charcoal one tablet per 10 kg body weight, drinking less than one week.
- Drink a mixture of apple and cucumber juice for five days.
- Replace all covers and pillows on sinteponovye every month to air in the sun.
- Every day, refreshing the room one double and one hour before bedtime.
- Use a room humidifier with cleaner.
- every three to four days to do wet cleaning.
- In the evening, apply foot baths and monitor the hygiene of the body.
- Most walk on the street after a rain, when purified allergens from the environment.
- before each exit to the street recommended cups of warm broth rinse the nose sage each nostril in turn draw broth, besides other nostril should be closed with your finger.Sage brewed as a tea, but no more than 1 teaspoon per cup.
- The eyes can be rinsed with black tea, for which two fingers dipped in tea and wipe closed eyelids two or three times.And some have to blink.
- You can take an infusion of herbs.Brewed as a tea.Herbs: violet, mint, chamomile, hops cones, licorice.0.5 Take a teaspoon of licorice, herbs and the rest of one teaspoon to 0.5 liters of boiling water.
drink it for about a week one or two times a day on an empty stomach, or each time two hours after eating, better to go out.After a break for three - four weeks.Then drink another week, and the next break - a week.And more drinks per week.

And most importantly, do not be discouraged.
Be healthy.

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