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Is it harmful to breast surgery

believe that today these operations are completely safe (and the first breast enlargement operation mode, by the way, was made in the 19th century).However, doctors are advised not to forget that plastic breast is still not a common cosmetic procedure, and surgery, and, as a rule, experienced professionals are not doing it in the absence of evidence.

absolute indication for plastics is the lack of natural breasts (including, after its removal).Also, doctors are not opposed to plastic surgery if the breast is small, unbalanced, or if she has lost the form as a result of feeding or significant weight loss.

As with any medical intervention, a breast augmentation surgery, there are contraindications.For example, the breast surgery will bring harm to health in diabetes and diseases of the internal organs.Certainly harmful and never performed breast surgery for cancer or infectious diseases, if the woman is currently breastfeeding, or if it is broken blood clotting.In any case, even if you feel that you hav
e no contraindications, and breast surgery will not bring any harm, you must consult your doctor and if he finds that the plastic should not do it, it is better to listen to him (rather than look, for example,another doctor who will agree for one reason or another to give up to you).

complications after such surgery are rare.The most serious of these are capsular contracture (hardening of the breast, and change its shape) and infection.These complications may require removal of the prosthesis and hospitalization after they often do not carry out the operation to re-remenduetsya.Do not bring significant harm are also quite rare, complications after breast augmentation surgery, a temporary loss of sensation in the nipple, hematoma or lymphorrhea (temporary accumulation of blood and lymph around the implant).But breast cancer should not be afraid - silicone, from which implants are made, is a natural material, and scientists have proved that he did not provoke the development of tumors.Also, do not be afraid of implant rupture - the risk of such complications is almost zero.Today, after surgery is almost no trace, implants do not interfere with the active life.Pregnancy and breast-feeding after breast augmentation surgery is also completely harmless - SMU implant does not touch the breast.

course, breast augmentation surgery is done only to trustworthy medical facilities, where you will pick up a suitable and harmless it is for you to breast augmentation surgery.Remember that you should be familiar with contraindications and possible complications (otherwise the doctor acting unprofessionally) and learn all about your health, about how it should look like your breasts as a result of (understanding of the beautiful breasts at everyone!)and the reasons for which you decided to make plastic.

Finally it should be said that most of the women delyuschih plastic surgery breast and competently to this appropriate, satisfied.

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