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What is autumn depression

Autumn time affects not only the poets and artists, but also on the mental and physical condition of many of us.And more and more often hear from friends and co-workers complaints of a bad mood, sadness, disappointment in life, spiritual experiences."This autumn depression" - many say.But not everyone understands what it is.

So, what is autumn depression and why the fall so much influence on us?

Autumn depression - a type of seasonal depression, from the medical point of view - a serious disease.Symptoms
autumn depression is sadness, lethargy, impaired memory and attention, decreased performance, drowsiness, increased appetite.

Scientists identify three factors that cause depression autumn.

First, the change of weather conditions.Hippocrates wrote about the state of depressed patients, depending on time of year and weather conditions.With the departure of summer heat fading nature involuntarily thinking about the unfulfilled hopes, disappointments, everything what we have been waiting for from t

his summer, and that did not materialize."Chickens before they are hatched," - says the proverb.So we are summing up the fall impracticable desires fall into this inexplicable "yellow-red-haired longing" autumn depression.Life is seen in a completely different light, we are disappointed to look at their work, relationships with others, financial problems, family matters.It begins to seem that everything is bad, even if in reality everything is in order.

second factor is the shortage of sunlight.Scientists have found that the reduction in the light of the day - one of the main reasons for the fall of depression.The fact that serotonin (hormone, which is responsible for the good mood) is formed in the light.In the darkness, serotonin is converted to melatonin.And with the increase in melatonin levels there is an overwhelming desire to sleep.The amount of serotonin in the body directly affects the psychological state of man.Moreover, the amount of serotonin in women initially two times less than that of men.Therefore, we are more prone to seasonal depression.

And finally, the third factor contributing to the development of seasonal depression - hypo- and beriberi.We must not forget that with the advent of cold weather your body especially needs vitamins.Do not forget to often include in your diet fruits and vegetables.Especially important are vitamins A and C. Vitamin A is found in carrots, melons, tomatoes, spinach, green onions, cheese, liver, eggs.Vitamin C - potatoes, sauerkraut, lemon, hawthorn, wild rose.

What can help to emerge from the autumn depression?

main decision and not to succumb to despondency.Try to tune in to a positive perception of the environment.Visit the theater, the cinema, meet friends, spend more time outdoors, especially on sunny days.A major role for the recovery can play sports.After all, exercise contribute to the production of serotonin.In addition, to emerge from the autumn depression help vitamins, aromatherapy and the use of products that increase the amount of serotonin (figs, plums, bananas, figs, tomatoes).And do not forget about a good night's sleep.Get enough sleep is especially important for a weakened organism.

If this condition lasts for a few months, you should seek help from a therapist spetsialistu-.

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