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How to sleep, if you do not sleep

What should I do to sleep.
Firstly, it is necessary to gradually reduce its activity about an hour before going to bed.During this period, should take a relaxing bath, eat a light dinner or enjoy autogenous training.You can also do some reading or watch, but choose the product should be carefully, because thrillers and detective stories are not what sleep does not help, they literally steal hours of sleep, capturing and forcing us to read to the end.

Secondly, it is important to take care of the light and noise backgrounds, more to them was not possible.Especially this problem is actual in large cities - under the windows all night burning lights, dashing motorists and sweepers, and if not lucky, so more and noisy neighbors.With electric lighting to help cope with blackout curtains and noise - Europackage on the windows and walls are well soundproofed.To create a particularly cozy atmosphere you can include a night light, after dropping it a few drops of your favorite perfume.

much more important is
the factor that the bed should only be used to sleep in the human body is produced and deeply entrenched a reflex.If you eat in bed, watch TV, prepare for the exam, the problems with the quantity and quality of sleep are provided, especially with falling asleep.

Before starting sleep is necessary to ventilate the room, already prone to do breathing exercises, especially the method of relaxation is valued and practiced in the East, where, as you know, many wise things should adopt.

Do not count sheep jumping over the fence, by only activates the brain and prevent you sleep better, eat a spoonful of honey and make a mental schedule for tomorrow.

If you went to bed, but sleep does not work, you can get out of bed, do some tiring thing and return as soon as want back on a soft pillow under a cozy blanket.

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