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Application of viburnum in medicine

What caused the use of viburnum in medicine?
Kalina widely used in medicine due to the presence therein of certain biologically active compounds possessing therapeutic properties.For example, in the cortex Viburnum in great quantity viburnin glycoside, organic acids (formic acid, acetic acid, valeric), vitamin K, tannin and resinous substances;fruit pulp established in the presence of vitamin C, pectin, digestible carbohydrates;seeds is 20% of the fatty oils.In accordance with the presence in different parts of the plant or other beneficial substances used in medicine Viburnum bark or berries.

In some cases, viburnum is used in medicine?
bark viburnum has been applied in medicine as an antipyretic, sedative, anticonvulsant, and it is used to stop and stop uterine bleeding.A decoction of the bark of Viburnum is used for painful menstruation.Viburnin glycoside contained in a medicinal raw material, is both a vasoconstrictor and analgesic.Viburnum bark is used in medicine in the treatment of coughs, co
lds, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and liver.

Viburnum berries have diuretic effect and can enhance the contraction of the heart.Eating fruits Viburnum recommend recovering patients because the berries have a restorative effect on the human body.Fruits of Viburnum with being in their bones got in medicine use in hypertension.

addition to bark and berries of Viburnum, sometimes for medicinal purposes is permitted the use of its flowers and roots.For example, a decoction of the flowers of Viburnum is used for eczema and diathesis as an external remedy.Use of decoction of the roots of viburnum in folk medicine is recommended for scrofula.

Fruits Viburnum have been used not only in medicine, but also in the food industry for the production of confectionery products.

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