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Influenza: treatment, prevention

Influenza spreads by airborne droplets.The patient is a human influenza infection peddler, who when talking, coughing, sneezing, spreads the infection with the help of tiny droplets of saliva.Viruses from a sick person during normal conversation are carried by 1 meter, with sneezing - up to 3 meters, coughing - 2 meters.

patients coughing and sneezing, as a rule, cover his mouth with his hand, the viruses remain in the hands and the object to which touched the patient, which leads to infection of healthy people.

sick person should as much as possible to minimize communication with other people.If a person carries flu "on his feet", you can imagine how many more people it infects before keepeth his bed.

protect against the flu is possible, doing sports and exercise, walk in the fresh air, tempering, vitamins, diet, eating garlic and onions that kill viruses.To prevent You can use ascorbic acid, multivitamins.But the most effective protection against influenza treatment is influenza vacci


The disease occurs abruptly, the patient starts vomiting, the temperature rises, headache appears, feeling of weakness, malaise general, severe weakness and aches throughout the body.

necessary to call a doctor to respect the home and to bed.
light food to feed the patient.
Wash underwear separately patient need.
room should be regularly aired and do wet cleaning.
All drugs taken only on prescription.
healthy person who is caring for a sick need to wear a gauze four-layer bandage that covers her mouth and nose.It is necessary to frequently wash and iron a hot iron.Use
better disposable napkins and handkerchiefs.
Avoid crowded places, during the rise of the incidence of influenza.
Dress for the weather, avoid hypothermia organism.
eat more of the foods that are rich in vitamins.
Healthy lifestyle lead.