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Healing properties of rowan

Which diseases using the healing properties of mountain ash?
In folk medicine, the fruits of mountain ash are rather widely used.Due to its healing properties of berries used for medicinal purposes in the presence of reduced gastric acidity, liver and heart, hypertension.

From the collected fruits of mountain ash in the subsequent processing is obtained sorbitol.This material was used in atherosclerosis, as healing effect of sorbitol is expressed for reducing the amount of fat in the liver and cholesterol.In addition, sorbitol is used as a sugar substitute for patients suffering from diabetes.Ripe fruits of mountain ash may well be used in food with diabetes instead of sorbitol.

fruits of mountain ash are also an effective healing tool for the prevention of hypovitaminosis due to high content of vitamins, especially vitamin C and carotene

Healing rowan berries are also expressed in their diuretic and hemostatic effect.

addition to healing values, rowan berries have been used in the food industry (
production of wine, liqueurs, confectionery).

Healing decoction of flowers of mountain ash are used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, gynecological diseases and as a mild laxative.

bark and leaves of mountain ash is not as widespread as cures compared to the fruits of this plant, although, for example, in the bark of mountain ash contains a lot of tannins.Dried and finely chopped leaves pour positioned on the storage of potatoes, which prevents it from damage.

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