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How to remove dandruff

1. People's means of struggle with dandruff.

If you have a strong dandruff, warm up in some hot water pot and add 4 tablespoons of olive oil and add the juice of half a lemon.All this mix.Divide your hair parted in the middle and rub cooked warm mixture with your fingers before washing the scalp.With this mask you recover acidity and it will help get rid of dandruff.

2. People's means of struggle with dandruff.

Take two egg yolks and mix with the juice of half a lemon, add a few drops of burdock oil, as you approach, and castor oil.Rub the mask in the hairy part of the skin of your head.Because of this folk remedy your hair will become shiny, and you can get rid of dandruff.

Very often dandruff can appear after coloring your hair.Since after coloring the hair loses its vitality and weakened.If you regularly dye your hair, you should know that a good get rid of dandruff is the use of natural dyes.This may be the husk of onions, Basma, henna, if you decide to dye your hair, it is best to use them f
or hair dyeing.

To prevent getting rid of dandruff will help calendula tincture, mix it one to one with castor oil.Rub this mixture for one hour before washing the head.Also, there is another recipe that will help you remove dandruff.Squeeze a tablespoon of onion juice and mix the juice with two tablespoons of vodka and one tablespoon of castor oil.Rub this mixture for an hour before you came to wash my hair.This procedure should be done about 3 weeks.

You can also use special shampoos that are sold in pharmacies and which have medicinal properties and are able to remove dandruff.

Use these tips and you will be able to remove dandruff.

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