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Medicinal properties of strawberries

Which diseases strawberries used as a remedy?
In folk medicine, strawberries have been used as a tonic.A large number of berries used in the treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, constipation, dysentery.Strawberries manifests therapeutic properties to combat such ailments as hypertension, gout, atherosclerosis, colds.Ripe berries are useful for patients with tuberculosis and diabetes.The juice obtained from fresh strawberries, has a therapeutic effect on wounds and is also used for neurasthenia, insomnia, with stones in the liver and kidneys.Rastёrtye berries are used for cosmetic purposes to remove freckles and acne, maintain skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles.Medicinal properties of strawberries used and eczema.In this case, rastёrtye berries are placed on a clean piece of gauze and applied to the affected areas of the skin.

strawberry leaves also have medicinal properties.An infusion made from the leaves of strawberries used in gastritis, asthma, for the normalization of the gastrointestin
al tract.Also, this is used as a therapeutic infusion antiscorbutic and vasodilator.The dried leaves of strawberries will help to prepare delicious, aromatic and healthy tea.

In what form taking strawberries in food?

The strawberries can be used in pure form, with milk, cream, sugar, cooking one infusion, juice, or juice.

Are there any contraindications for the use of strawberries in food?
Most of us could eat without any fear of large amounts of these delicious berries.However, some people from eating strawberries cause allergic reactions such as skin redness, severe itching, dizziness.Upon termination of the reception data berries allergic reactions quickly pass.