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Cranberries in folk medicine

the treatment of any disease are used cranberries?
cranberry honey and pulp of berries in folk medicine used to treat pressure sores.As preventive measures the threat of gum disease is recommended to knead berries on the tongue gums.Cranberry jelly hot is a good diaphoretic, and in warm or cold it is used in the treatment of rheumatism, and as a diuretic.Cranberry syrup and juice have long been used in folk medicine as a means of refreshing in various diseases, as well as they are added to medicines in feverish conditions.

Another application that is found in cranberries folk medicine - a treatment of scurvy.Cranberry juice is an effective and generally accepted antiscorbutic.It is also used as an antipyretic and tonic drink.Cranberry juice with honey give TB patients to recuperate.

Rastёrtye cranberries with honey is recommended for low acidity of gastric juice, sore throat, cough, increased blood pressure.However, in inflammatory processes in the stomach and intestines do not use cranberries due to
its high acidity.

Several recipes of traditional medicine as a healing power to use prescribe cranberry potato juice.To prepare this drink fresh potato juice to precipitate the first advocate of starch, and then pour it to cranberry juice and add a little sugar.

Cranberry detrimental effect on many pathogens.Cranberries are able to enhance the effect of certain antibiotics and sulfa drugs, which are used in the treatment of kidney disease.

When to collect and how to store cranberries?
cranberries harvested in September with the onset of the first frost.Sometimes, these berries are harvested in early spring after the snow melts.Overwintered cranberry has a pleasant taste, but the value of such berries as a means of traditional medicine is much less.This is due to the fact that after the winter under the snow cranberries contains fewer nutrients.

to store at home cranberries are placed in wooden barrels.At a temperature of 4-5 ° C in the berries will not deteriorate for several months.

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