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How to eliminate chronic fatigue

2. Eat an orange.
Until the end of the day another 2-3 hours, but the force you feel at the end.Help eliminate fatigue orange.Red color will cheer up, and Vitamin C in orange cheer.

3. Gymnastics.

So much work, even once get out of the workplace.Take a few minutes to exercise.
- Breathe deeply 3 times.
- massage your neck.
- very quickly blink.
- vigorously rub the ears.

4. Less carbohydrates.

if you are able to time pressure.It is necessary to exclude from the diet of sugar.Sugar because of the large amounts of carbohydrates, difficult thought process.No need to also have muffins and potatoes.

5. Swim.
Spend at least half an hour in the water, and from your weariness will evaporate.

6. Do not rush.

Try not to hurry, because it tires the most.Try to cheat.The hands move forward for 5-10 minutes, and you have always in stock will be time.

7. Stroke the cat.

If you have the opportunity, get a dog or cat.Communicating with animals, according to psychologists, relieves emotional stress.

8. walk more!
Walk after work at least 15 minutes Walk slowly to stop, sit on a park bench.Watch for those who pass by you, it will help set to rest and shift attention from their office worries.

9. Tenderness.

Strong hugs and kisses - good medicine to eliminate fatigue.It is a pity that the time left before the morning a little, and it is possible to assign yourself of this wonderful means of a double portion.

10. Sleep full.
Before going to bed do not think about work, your problems are not worth your excitement.Try to think about the future only positively, think of what the next day will bring you only happy and good.What do you meet interesting people and well spend the next day.
your body during sleep gaining strength and prepares you for the next day.The best way to do that planned it to give your body time to rest during sleep.
Enjoy your dreams!

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