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Grapefruit Diet for fast weight loss

Grapefruit?Yes, it was he - His Majesty Grapefruit!This is the maximum vitamin C, that is, strengthening the immune system inevitably weakened during any diet, even more so in the winter and spring seasons.These are active substances that contribute to the breakdown of fat.As a consequence - a guaranteed weight loss without hunger fainting and hungry eyes devouring the food.An added bonus - it's a good skin condition!The saturation of the body with minerals and, of course, nutrients.

all week, and you will become slimmer by three, and even four kilograms!Of course, there are some restrictions in the diet for quick weight loss.It is the rejection of high-calorie vegetables and some fruits.Week - one without a banana or potatoes will not be a burden.A smoked, fatty foods and so does not have to be on your table every day.Taboo also fried.But in high esteem tea (of course, green) instead of coffee.Bull's-eye instead of any dessert.And the fact that more substantial, it - cereal, soups, meat (lean), vegeta

bles and fruits, eggs.Without the necessary micronutrients your body can not stay!And excellent results are guaranteed.

most important week before the diet, it is best to go shopping, the very best of grapefruit.You must know that this fruit does not ripen after harvesting the property, hence we take the fruit ripened.Let's try to choose the right grapefruit.This, of course, the fruit of regular shape without damage.Elastic skin of the fruit.A small hint: fruit, taken together, should surprise you with some great (accent on the first syllable) weight for its size.Here, you have chosen the right grapefruit, it must be stored at a temperature of ten - fourteen degrees.

grapefruit diet options are many.They are united by one aspect - that's before meals not forget to eat half a grapefruit or a fruit.For breakfast you can drink the juice of the fruit.

Of course, if you have a predisposition to allergies, grapefruit diet you contraindicated.Treat with caution in diseases of the kidneys, stomach and intestines.Do not use other citrus fruits, so as not to acquire an allergy, or hypervitaminosis.

So, you bought a piece of fruit, you do not have allergies, stomach works like a clock, then forward - directly to the menu!Which, by the way, you can adjust the number, taking into account your preferences, choosing, of course, from the list of permitted products.

probably start Monday?!


Breakfast: fruit eat grapefruit or drink its juice, boil an egg, make a salad (of course, vegetable), bran bread (a slice), tea (remember that green and sugar).

Dinner will begin with your grapefruit, followed by a salad of vegetables, 250 grams (fill it with lemon juice) or soup (remember that low-fat).

At dinner, treat yourself to meat.Boiled.It can be 150 grams.You do not want boiled?Toast on the grill.To take meat salad with lemon juice.A glass of tea.If you want to replace the meat porridge, cooked in water.


Breakfast starts with grapefruit or juice of the fruit, boil two (!) Eggs, wash down with green tea unsweetened.

lunch start with a favorite fruit of grapefruit, pamper yourself in the amount of low-fat cheese and fifty grams, perhaps cottage cheese, of course, low-fat.

Dinner awaited (or not?) Will be roasted fish, about two hundred grams of green vegetables to make a salad and season with its lemon-olive dressing, bread, bran.


Our breakfast start with ripe fruit or juice (grapefruit, of course).Next, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal helpful.It can be muesli without peanuts, but with raisins and nuts.By - four tablespoons of milk or yogurt (non-fat).

Lunch.Fruit of the grapefruit, a bowl of soup with vegetables.As an option - the broth and 2 crackers.

eat for dinner before going to bed one half grapefruit.Two hundred grams of chicken (remember that non-fried).Zapechёm two tomato.Zapёm glass of green tea.


have breakfast boiled egg.We drink tea with lemon.

Grapefruit begin our dinner, then carrot salad.As an option - vegetable salad (green), filled with lemon-olive dressing.Bran bread.

stewed supper will probably boiled vegetables (remember that not only potatoes).We drink tea green.Before going to bed eat fruit grapefruit or drink its juice.


At breakfast, a salad of apples, oranges and grapefruit lover.Unsweetened green tea.

Lunch baked potato one.Make coleslaw.Not prohibited salad any other green vegetables.

Dinner fifth day includes fish, chicken may again non-fried in an amount of 250 grams.Cauliflower is a garnish.Zapechёm tomatoes or drink tomato juice.Just before bedtime drink grapefruit juice or eat a whole fruit.

On the remaining two days of the seven we take the menu, which you like most.


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