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Useful properties of rice
Rice is a unique product that has wonderful properties.It absorbs (absorbs) and displays the body of harmful products of metabolism, salt slags, nutritious and useful.If you will observe the rice diet, you will not only lose weight but to improve your health, and clean up your body.

For this reason, rice is part of many diets.Thus, it enables the rice diet to stand in line with such beloved and popular diets as the Kremlin, kefir, Japanese buckwheat diet and others.Another advantage of these diets - any woman can find a way to lose weight themselves, which will be convenient for her.Perhaps someone will approach soft option and comfortable (seven-day), someone will approach a tough one (three-day rice diet).

Types rice diet
There are several types of rice diet:

- Rice three-day diet.For this shall weld glass paddy without salt and spices.Then divide it into smaller portions are allocated to the whole day, we eat and drink apple or orange juice.So for three days.
Tough diet for more than three days, it is recommended not to comply.If you decide to undergo a second course, you have to wait the least a month.This mode is suited for handling the day.

- Rice diet, designed for 7 days.Boil half a kilo of rice, add the fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruit.You can cook a lot of dishes from fruit and vegetables.Such a diet can be delicious and quite varied, such a diet can never, pall.Try to observe one important rule amount of additives should not exceed a day more than 200 grams.Allowed to drink unsweetened juices, mineral water without gas, green tea without sugar or plain water, the best option is the juice of green apples, and you need to eat a pound of fruit.Not earlier than two weeks should pass a second course.

How to comply with the rice diet?
When we choose a certain type of rice diet, you need to follow certain rules:
- Use the best brown rice because it contains the greatest number of B vitamins
- Accepts as potassium supplements.

cleanses the body by means of rice breakfast
prepared rice breakfast by a special technique, it is desirable that it was brown, whole rice.This quality, balanced product that contains vitamins, protein, sodium compounds, iron, potassium, contains starch.If there is no brown, whole rice, take ordinary rice with wheat, bran dried, taken in the ratio of 3 to 1. Thus, it will add the missing biologically active substances, and then the assimilation will be more qualitative.

Rice Breakfast is an effective means of cleaning the body, also improves metabolism and helps to eliminate toxins.This breakfast helps bring the weight back to normal as missing and excess.It facilitates the work of the kidneys and liver, reduces swelling.Thanks rice lunch you clear the body from various deposits in the blood vessels, tissues, joints, display the body of harmful products of metabolism.

method of rice breakfast concluded to limit the use of salt, used for breakfast soaked rice.When soaking the rice components eluted therefrom, whereby mucus produced in the body.It is easy to absorb various harmful formation (bacteria, mucus, bile, an excess of cholesterol, and so on) and becomes porous.

need to prepare a glass bowl of rice for lunch.In this capacity fall asleep brown, brown rice, so many spoons, how old you are.Wash rice thoroughly and pour boiled water cooled rice.

The next morning, drain the water, take a spoonful of rice and cook the rice in a little water until a liquid plain porridge.Many try, eat rice raw, it is edible after soaking.Besides raw rice still credited anthelminthic effect.

leftover rice fill with water and leave it until the next morning.All breakfast should fit in a tablespoon.For twenty or thirty minutes before breakfast drink a cup of green tea can be grass or a glass of water.

It is important to know that even after breakfast 4:00 there is nothing to drink or eat.Dine only after 4 hours.There can be everything, but you need to limit salt intake, and what it will be less, the better will be the cleansing.You also need to limit your intake of spicy and sweet, you can not drink alcohol or rice will display only alcoholic poisons.For breakfast there is rice, not any contraindications.The course rice diet should be done twice a year.

Now we know all about dieting for weight loss diet is rice.We know how it should be done, and what rules you need to follow during this diet.We wish you an efficient and proper diet!