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Rapid weight loss with the help of a meat diet

protein metabolism.

person for a balanced diet requires not only protein but also fat, carbohydrates, vitamins.Metabolism is severely affected in the absence of the diet of any of these components.Proteins are used by the body for the synthesis of proteins required for it in the process of digestion into amino acids.Because the body's proteins are derived mainly kidneys.The necessary energy reserves of the body make fat and energy sources are carbohydrates.

number of protein should be balanced: when the body suffers from a lack of skin - it becomes dry;become brittle and dull hair and nails;due to violation of the immunity a person becomes subject to colds.Conversely, an excess of protein in the body can lead to kidney failure, because the kidneys can not cope with the withdrawal of a large number of proteins and their degradation products into the blood.

When an excess of proteins in the organism is lacking in the power source, i.e. carbohydrates, a process of obtaining energy from proteins.And th

e products of metabolism in this process are very toxic.

Features meat diet.

Unlike the Kremlin diet, meat requires the presence in the diet and vegetables, and in any quantity.Therefore, it is not harmful.

  • should eat lean meat and boiled, without broth.Rather questionable use of roasted meat in olive oil, sausages and sausages.Better to just boiled meat.Part of the meat is replaced perfectly eggs and fish.
  • vegetables recommended for use in any amount as raw and past treatment - decoction, steaming, stewing.From diet to exclude only carrots, potatoes and corn.It is also necessary to remove from the food grains, sugar and sugar-containing beverages, fruits, all flour products, dairy products and alcohol.
  • The day should eat no more than 450 grams of protein foods - meat, eggs, fish.Salt is desirable to eliminate from the diet, doing condiments made from herbs and lemon juice.Diet - 5-6 times a day, with vegetables protein food, the last meal should be no later than 8 pm.After 30 minutes after a meal - not before - you can drink a glass of vegetable juice, mineral water or unsweetened tea and coffee.

with diet for 10 days you can throw almost 5 kg.But do not abuse the meat diet.Weight loss with this diet is a positive thing that the body is not in a state of hunger, in the future, on a normal diet, there is no need to "eat off" because the stomach is reduced by small amounts of nourishing food.

What are the indications and contraindications.

Pros. the rational use of this diet can strengthen your muscles, doing gymnastics.With the right combination of fish meat can achieve the effect of strengthening the bones of the skeleton as fish contains the body needs calcium and phosphorus, and is easier to digest.

Cons. meat diet is contraindicated:

  • older people as because of age kidneys eliminate protein worse;
  • at any renal diseases;
  • young (under 18) people, because a growing body reacts negatively to the lack of a balanced diet - up to the diseases of the endocrine system;
  • acute and aggravated chronic diseases - the body can not cope with a large amount of protein.

When excessively long use only meat food can severely impaired renal function - until medical help.

may also suffer, and gastrointestinal tract, up to dysbiosis.This is explained by a higher incidence of putrefaction in the intestine due to a difficult digestion of meat by the body.Conditionally pathogenic, formed during such processes, simply replacing the normal and prevents the right to process products.And the treatment of dysbiosis - a very long and laborious process.Typically, it is easier to obtain than to cure.

Since our immune system is constructed mainly of protein, meat diet is best applied during the rise of colds and viral diseases - that is, in the autumn-winter period.

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