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Since ancient times, people used deep breathing diaphragm to maintain their health and improve overall health.It is believed that modern man in the breathing process uses only 20% of their lungs.This idea came to American Chayldarsu Greer - he created a program of breathing exercises, which immediately recognized the "non-pharmacological miracle."The program is helping people fight obesity and related conditions, as well as improve their health status stunning pace.So gymnastics Bodyflex has established itself as an effective method in the fight for their health.

Bodyflex based on breathing exercises that enrich the body with oxygen, helping to reduce weight and easier to cope with chronic diseases.It is known for the role of oxygen in the body for the current process: active participation in the processes of metabolism, improving blood circulation and digestion, and reduce the amount of fat.Many scientists argue that the breathing exercises combined with stretching exercises are much more effective

than conventional exercises in a fitness club or at home.

This methodology was developed based on deep breathing diaphragm, combined with stretching of specific muscle groups and static postures.In an embodiment of the key body stress occurs, leading to a strong increase in blood flow necessary.With deep breathing, oxygen enters the blood, actively improves lymphatic flow, "massage" the internal organs and burns fat.On the other hand, it is known that proper breathing - a process that requires participation of the diaphragm except the motion of the chest and abdomen.This type of breathing can relieve anxiety, so you can use this technique in different mental overload.

Technique for breathing exercise is as follows:

  • body is in an upright position, feet placed shoulder-width apart.After that, the body leans forward, hands rest on his legs, tapering slightly at the knees;
  • air exhaled from the lungs through the mouth, followed by a rapid and sharp inhalation through the nose (the lungs are completely filled);
  • With the power of the air exhaled loudly through the mouth;
  • hold your breath and tighten your abdominal muscles for 8-10 seconds;
  • muscles relax and the breathing cycle is repeated again;
  • combined with breathing exercises can be performed, and stretching exercises.

regularly perform breathing exercises:

  • improves memory and increases the ability to concentrate;
  • beneficial effect on vision;
  • contribute to a better functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • accelerate blood circulation;
  • has a positive impact on the respiratory system, which makes it a suitable tool for the prevention of asthma, bronchitis, allergies, viral infections;
  • improves metabolism;
  • normalizes bowel function;
  • Regulates the activity of the urinary tract;
  • Increases the body's resistance;
  • Copes with the symptoms of stress and depression by increasing the vitality, improve mood and feelings of tidal energy in the body;
  • Helps to quit smoking.

According to the author of the method Bodyflex, the best time for exercise - the morning after rising from bed.Stretching exercises can be performed for each muscle group, starting with the muscles of the neck and chin and ending with the abdominal muscles and legs.
should be noted that breathing exercises Bodyflex not contraindicated for pregnant women, people experiencing post-operative period and during the exacerbation of existing chronic diseases.In addition, experts say that people who take birth control pills, antidepressants, or drugs that impair metabolism, feel much better after the exercise Bodyflex.

to have a really positive effect on the gymnastics and therapeutic effect on the entire body, it is necessary to do the exercises every day (at least 15 minutes), and combined with a well balanced diet.So with the help of breathing exercises Bodyflex fitness at home, you will be provided.

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