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How to be sexy, if you are not a perfect figure?

For many plastic surgeons noticed that the figure correction using the new devices are increasingly replacing plastic surgery, in other words, the need for a scalpel will disappear very soon.But is not good news for those who were willing to sacrifice for the sake of all kinds of beauty.

1. Myostimulation. Many call it passive gymnastics.To apply the body of metal plates - electrodes, they miss the low-frequency current, which thus stimulates the muscles and causes them to contract with greater frequency.Remarkably, the apparatus operates on all muscle groups, including those that are nearly not used during exercise.

a result of this painless procedure, the skin becomes smooth, smooth and elastic, also improves blood circulation and the body is derived from excess fluid and waste products.Today, many devices for myostimulation have additional functions, such as massage and ionization.

Myostimulation can not get carried away, two courses a year (8 treatments each) is quite enough, all too often myost

imulation can lead to sagging skin, which, as you know, is also desirable ..

2.Endermologiya or otherwise vacuummassage - the most effective way to deal with all the bored cellulite.This procedure is considered painful (note that), so it's best to wear a special suit.Besides the fact that endermology eliminates "orange peel", it also helps get rid of excess weight and sagging skin.To achieve the desired results you must take the full course, which is about 12 sessions, each lasting about an hour.

3.Ultrazvuk. procedure is similar to ultrasound examination, in other words, this method is now called "non-invasive liposuction."Ultrasonic waves destroy fat cells, everything passes without pain, only light tingling.In one procedure can lose about 2 cm. In volume.

4.Fotoomolozhenie skin. With light pulses eliminates age spots, fine wrinkles, spider veins.The skin completely rejuvenated, this is due to the acceleration of collagen synthesis.Remarkably, the result is stored for several years.I do not recommend doing resurfacing the skin with a fresh tan.

5.Mezoterapiya without needles - oksimezoterapiya. Under pressure of oxygen in the skin to administer the active substances, which penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, eliminating problems such as stretch marks, scars, cellulite.In contrast to the usual mesotherapy procedure is completely pain-free and without a trace on the skin.The best thing to do about six procedures and the results will surprise you.

During such procedures, it is not necessary to follow a strict diet, stick to the main proper, healthy diet.Such procedures significantly better nutritional supplements that promise weight loss, besides drugs often cause side effects.

not forget that in addition to reducing the weight you improve blood circulation and bring in a tone of even the deepest layers of the skin.

Which of these procedures to choose?Of course, you need to consult a doctor, because we should not lose focus of the fact that some of the procedures you may have idiosyncrasy.

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