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Large fathers among the richest Russian businessmen

Andrei Skoch

This 46-year-old deputy of the State Duma with an estimated capital B4 bln. Dollars of eight children.Its capital has created a metallurgical biznese.Dlya many Russians remember that in 2007, private funds priobrel3000 cars for veterans living in the Belgorod region, from kotoroyon ran for the Duma.Although the personal life of Andrei Skoch says reluctantly, it is known that he was divorced.This businessman actively involved vvospitanii their children, among whom four twins (a boy and 3 girls) who were born to him in 1994.

Roman Abramovich

the famous Russian and British tycoon netolko lot of money, he is a father of six children.It gave birth to the last child egopodruga and designer Darya Zhukova in 2009.The first five children he otvtorogo marriage of termination in 2007 which said the entire world.

Yevgeny Yuryev

In general director of investment company "Aton" and six children.Success and wealth accompany the Pope with many children.Yurevyavlyaetsya chairman of the associa

tion "Business Russia", as well as prezidentomorganizatsii non-commodity business.He worked as advisor to the President of the Russian Federation DmitriyaMedvedeva.In addition, Yevgeny Yuryev a churchwarden.Having opytvospitaniya six children, he is one of the developers of the program proektagosudarstvennoy support large families.

Sergei Shmakov

This 44-year-old businessman has six times became pope.Also.He has twice grandfather.According to him, it is the family - that's what dlyanego is the meaning of life.Its capital is accumulated on stroitelnombiznese Shmakov, as the founder and owner of the company "Sapsan", which zanimaetsyastroitelstvom cottage settlements.Most of the money earned to charity biznesmentratit in different areas.

Igor Altushkin

Altushkin Igor, who is known as "Copper King" of Russia, as well as Sergei Shmakov 6 children from a marriage.In its 42 godaon he owns "Russian Copper Company" and one of the largest Russian predpriyatiyv Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant.Altushkin is uchreditelemBlagotvoritelnogo RMK Fund, which is actively engaged in assistance to orphans, children with serious illnesses and children with poor families.

Nicholas and SergeySarkisovy

44-year-old Nicholas and 53-year-old Sergey Sarkisov 6i raising 5 children respectively.The brothers are co-owners of IC "RESO-Garantia" .Biznesmeny joke that of his children could collect football team davot girls in their family more.

Alexander Japaridze

have 57-year-old co-owner and CEO burovoykompanii "Eurasia" has five children - 3 boys and 2 girls.He leads nepublichnuyuzhizn.It is only known that he was engaged in collecting wines, loves tennis preference.

Ziyad Manasir

Russian businessman with Jordanian roots vospityvaetpyateryh children.Ziyad is the owner of the company "Stroygazconsulting."Onprozhivaet in the estate, situated on the shore of the Istra reservoir that vMoskovskoy area and covers an area of ​​16 hectares.Zanimaetsyakollektsionirovaniem works of Russian and Dutch painters.

Roman Avdeev

Banker Roman Avdeev, do not hesitate to be called a father with a big letter.Imagine, he educates 23 children - 4 and its 19usynovlennyh.Due to the growth of his family in 2008, he came to the decision to move otaktivnogo participation in the life he founded the Moscow Credit Bank, ostavivza a position on the supervisory board.Avdeev always zanimalsyablagotvoritelnostyu and helped orphanages.But one day onponyal that targeted financial assistance to orphanages hardly solves vsehproblem orphans, and then he decided to take children into their family, thus making even a few kids happy.

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